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How to Fix Low Internal Storage Error on Samsung Galaxy S6



Internal Storage Error - Samsung Galaxy S6

The major disadvantage for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the lack of external storage option because every Galaxy S series device before this year came with a microSD card support. Moreover, it hurts even further when we know that from the total of 32 GB; only 23 GB will be available for the customer. The operating system and default apps will occupy around 9 GB of internal storage, which is a massive part.

If you’re a power user, then your smartphone’s storage would run out sooner than you would think. Moreover, your device would start lagging while opening a couple of apps only. You have a flagship smartphone with powerful specs and camera, won’t you be using your smartphone too often. For like installing new games, every day, and even some of those apps may not work with a low storage of less than 500 MB.

That means it’s time to check how much internal storage is left on your device. To do that you have to follow the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Storage option.
  3. Head over to the Device Memory.

There you can find the amount of storage left in your Smartphone. And if that’s below than what you expect, well then your phone might need a fix for that. There are two methods that you can try, first is that you can delete all the junk memory, as well as any hidden files on your device using any of the popular apps like CCleaner or Clean Master. So, consider most of the unnecessary space freed on your device.

Another method is to free up your storage is to clear the cache. Follow the steps to clear the cache partition to have a bump in the storage space. Switch off the device and then press Volume up, Home & Power at the same time. After getting a vibrate leave the Power button and hold the other two.

There will be a System Recovery screen shown up release all the buttons. Navigate to Wipe cache partition using the volume button and press the Power to select. Once the task is completed press the Power button to reboot your device. Now you should have more memory freed on your device.

If you’re still wooing over your Samsung Galaxy S6 not have microSD card, then there is a solution for that too. Get a USB OTG pen drive or even a memory card OTG adapter, so that you can stop worrying at least about storage space for your media contents.


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