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Google Maps Guide: How to save location for offline use



Offline maps on Google

I used to check the Google Maps when I need to travel to a new place. Without Maps, I know I would have faced a lot of problems. But, this all can be done only when there is a working Wi-Fi connection or the internet on your Smartphone. What if we travel to a place with no cellular signal or Wi-Fi connection? Yes, we can’t access anything through Google Maps. To solve this problem, Google added a feature to download and save a location to browse the maps without necessarily being connected to the internet.

It’s easy to save the map of an area for the offline browsing. To do so, just pan & zoom to your desired location, and tap on the search bar on top of the screen. Scrolling down to the bottom would lead you to save the map, once you tap on “Save a new offline map”. Tapping that will ask you to name that place, in doing so you will save the location, which later can be accessed from the “Your places” section in the main menu.

If you want to save the place manually, then search for the location in the search bar at the top, and then tap on the bar at the bottom. Now that specific location is opened; you can tap on the menu present at the top right corner. There you can find the option to save the offline map. Tapping on would lead you to the same pan and zoom option, though. Save and you’re good to go without the internet.

Remember, you can get your location by GPS even without your internet connectivity, but it may not be that accurate. The places that you have saved will expire in 30 days. While offline browsing, you can’t get the directions and even navigation doesn’t work. Though, it will help a lot for those who travel a lot to the remote places, where the cellular connections are is not available or not strong at all for high-speed data.


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