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Fitbit Force Fitness Band relaunched with Hypoallergic Bands



Fitbit Force

Fitbit with its wearable bands has been doing good in the market with devices like Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip and when they released the Fitbit Force, they were sold in large numbers. But some of the users have complained of getting allergic reactions due to the material used in strap of the device and the users who faced the problem, were refunded and the Fitbit Force production was stopped.

Now, Fitbit is coming out with the new and updated Fitbit Force which will be having a Hypo-allergic Band so that no other users will face the problem of getting allergic reactions to the Band and along with that. There are some additional features which one might be seeing in the new Force.

Fitbit Force


The designing of Fitbit concept P is similar to the Fitbit force with a small LED screen which displays time and other Stats and also equipped to show caller ID from your phone.

The design is simple and neat, and the main change is the use of Hypoallergic material on the wrist band along with it being more water resistant than the earlier mode.

Features of Fitbit Concept P (the codename given)

  • It tracks your Activity like Steps; distance, calories, active minutes and floors climbed.
  • It can also monitor Sleep and is also equipped with a Silent Alarm to wake you up which unique, and we have to wait to see how it works.
  • It has a small LED display which will display Time and Stats whenever required.
  • When your Phone is nearby, the LED display can also give your Caller ID and your real-time stats like time, distance and pace.
  • Your Smartphone will sync to your Fitbit Concept P device with the help of the Motivating Mobile app through, which you can get access to charts and graphs of your activity and also Share your data and Compete with your friends.
  • It is going to be water Resistant, and also Hypoallergic material is used to prevent the allergy issue which was seen in the earlier device.

The new Fitbit device is going to be priced at $129.95 which is the same price the Fitbit force was priced at before the devices were recalled.


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