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How To Find IMEI Number of Smart Phone after its Lost / Stolen



Find IMEI Number

So, you have lost your phone, we all have been there. But maybe you lost it during the night of revelry, or perhaps in the chaos of your daily work, either way it could be million different places. Maybe you have prepared for this situation, although likely that this little debacle has left you with only indefinite ideas to recover it.

Though, if you are like many of us, you may not possess the foresight to pre-configure the apps like Android’s Device Manager, or swap your SIM card into your old phone, when you go to party or somewhere crowd. And that’s okay, because they are over the top suggestions.

Now that we have established that you have lost your phone let’s get to work. Fortunately, there are various ways to track the lost cell phone, May it smartphones or an ordinary phone. Though, the very first important thing, to do in situations like this, is, file a FIR with law enforcement in the area, as well as inform your telecom provider that you have lost your phone. Moreover, you can also contact your bank to disconnect the registered mobile number that you have lost with your phone, only if the SIM card was on it.

But all the ways of finding your phone requires you to have the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of the device. It is a unique number associated with every GSM and UMTS mobile phone and can help you find your stolen cell phone easily. Save you IMEI number today by dialing *#06# into your phone, if it’s not stolen. And if it is stolen, then there are few ways through which you can find out that IMEI number of your stolen smartphone.

Method 1

  • Find the IMEI Number in the Box, yes, if you have lost your phone and still have the Box your phone came in with, that’s a good news right there. Just look out for the IMEI number, it would be a 15 digit number or 17 for some countries. It would be clearly mentioned that the IMEI number of the device is, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. And if the device is dual SIM, then there would be two different IMEI numbers written on the sticker on the box.

If you didn’t have box with you or if your box is stolen/lost with device itself, then, in that case you would have to look out for the receipt, as vendors are most likely to mention the IMEI number of the device on the sale receipts.

If you however lost your phone but did not record the IMEI number beforehand, as well as lost or couldn’t able to find the box or receipt of the device. Then, there is the last resort where you can find the IMEI number of your smartphone only if you have logged into your Google account on the device.

Method 2

Dashboard - Android Devices

  • You would need to go to the following URL, and then sign-in with your credentials. The dashboard landing page will be opened. Now you need to expand the Android tab, there you will see all of the Android devices which are connected to your Google account. Fortunately, for you, the details of the devices include Model, Carrier, as well as the IMEI number of your phone.

Whereas iPhone and Windows Phone users would have to look hard for the box or the receipt from the vendor, where you purchased the phone.

NOTE: This post is for information purposes only. Please do not post personal details about your lost phone in comments as they will be deleted. Contact your mobile service provider for more details.


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