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How To Easily Find iPhone by Enabling Send Last Location Feature



Find my iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then you might be familiar with a very useful feature called Find my iPhone. While this service is very helpful, but however in the previous version of iOS (prior to iOS 8), although, one of the downsides of the feature has been that whenever the device runs out of battery then the feature becomes useless, as one couldn’t track the device nor you could be able to see the last location of the device.

But with iOS 8, Apple made the favorable changes to the Find my iPhone feature. The first thing Cupertino Company changed is that they have made the Find my iPhone service available by default, rather than which previously asks users to enable the service.

Because the most interesting addition to the feature is, it’s “Send Last Location” feature. As the name indicates, the feature allows users to track the last known location of the iPhone. When the battery gets low, the device will automatically send the last location of the device to the Apple. It can come quite handy in many situations including you have misplaced you iPhone or may it be stolen. Though, it would be quite a hard task to recover devices that gets stolen even with GPS enabled. But you rather not worry if the device gets misplaced; as the following steps would help you enable the last known location and send it to Apple.

  1. Enable the Send Last Location on your iPhone.
  2. Open the Settings app on the home screen of your device.
  3. Now scroll down and tap on iCloud icon.
  4. Scrolling down in the newly opened list will lead you to the Find my iPhone option.
  5. Just tap on Find my iPhone option.
  6. Now tap on the ON/OFF toggle to enable the Send Last Location service on your iPhone.

Note: The last location of your device can be seen on the Find my iPhone app (link), or whether you can go to the web app of Find my iPhone on

Though, the feature won’t be of any use if your device is stolen, but in that case the Activation Lock feature on your iPhone will surely protect your data as it would be impossible to unlock it without the owner’s password. Well, at least that has to be something worth to the user.


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