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The Fastest Broadband Internet Plans with Highest Speed, Pricing & FUP in India



High-Speed Internet speeds are something that all of us want, right? With the type of world which we are living in today, everything is available online, and we just want to consume as much as possible in a given amount of time. However, the kind of speeds which we all wish to have does come with a price, and we are talking big bucks here. ACT just recently launched their new GIGA plan under which they are offering 1 Gbps unlimited internet for a monthly price of 5,999 INR. Compared to the regular internet plans which most people are now used to, this is a huge chunk of money, and although we are looking at insane speed test results here, this is not one of the options that usually people would want to go for.

Talking about high-speed internet, India is certainly not one of the places in the world where you would want to be if you wish to experience the high-speed internet. Having said that, there are a lot of ISPs out there in the country that are offering high-speed internet plans if you are ready to shed the premium price. Hence we decided to make a list of ISPs in India that are offering high-speed internet services which you as an end user can avail. Do make a note that the information which is to follow below has been gathered from multiple sources based on the information which they have shared. Hence if you wish you go for a plan given below, then we suggest you check with ISP and confirm the plan once again to be sure that they are servicing your area/ locality.

ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet is a Bengaluru based telecom company, and they are currently servicing most of the southern cities in India with Delhi being the only city in the Northern part. The company has a variety of different plans and just recently, they announced the new GIGA Plan under which they are going to offer 1Gbps connection to users for a monthly charge of just 5,999 INR. This makes ACT Fibernet the first company to offer Gigabit internet speeds on a large scale. i.e. across the city. The company also has a variety of different plans to choose from, and you can check out their official website for more details on the same.

MTNL Fiber Thrill

MTNL is yet another broadband service provider which offers high-speed internet in the country. As of now, the best broadband plan which MTNL offers publicly is the Very High Speed 7999 FTTH. This has a monthly charge of 7,999 INR, and you will get 100 Mbps high-speed Internet with a FUP of 900GB, post which, speeds will go down to 2Mbps. The company also seem to offer a gigabit connection in Mumbai with speeds upto 10Gbps. This plan apparently is not publicly available to everyone, and this could be mainly due to the fact that it costs a lot. It is also not easy to implement 10Gbps connection on a large scale. MTNL, however, has plans starting from as low as 95 INR, and you can check out their website for more info.


It is hard to miss Hayai when we are talking about high-speed internet connections in India. Hayai Broadband Pvt. Ltd. is providing its services in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is able to provide a high-speed internet connection with speeds upto 10Gbps in most locations. Now, 10Gbps is truly a high-speed internet connection. Do make a note that this particular one comes under the all you can consume plan and it is truly unlimited without any FUP whatsoever. This plan costs 19,999 INR per month and you can also get it on a yearly basis. They have a lot of other plans as well and most of them have 100Mbps speeds, so be sure to check them out if you are in Mumbai.

Reliance Ultraband

Reliance Ultraband is a super fast internet connection service offered by Reliance with speeds upto 1Gbps. Unfortunately, this service is only available in Mumbai and that too the company is providing this 1Gbps plan in just two locations within the city. This 1Gbps connection is priced at 5,000 INR per month and there is no usage limit whatsoever. The company is also offering other wired broadband plans and you can check out their website for more info on the same.

To sum this up, we have added some of the high-speed internet connections in the table given below for you to quickly glance at it. While certain companies are offering Gigabit connections as well, they might not be servicing at your location and hence cross check once with your service provider.

ISPSpeedsMonthly ChargeFUPValidity
ACT Fibernet1 Gbps5,999 INR1TB30 Days
Hayai10 Gbps19,999 INRUnlimited30 Days
Reliance Ultraband1 Gbps5,000 INRUnlimited30 Days
MTNL100 Mbps7,999 INR900GB30 Days
Airtel40 Mbps1,499 INR100 GB30 Days
Hathway50 Mbps5,999 INR100GB90 Days
Tata Docomo100 Mbps3,499 INR100GB30 Days
You Broadband100 Mbps21,389 INR960 GB360 Days
Nextra FiberBolt100 Mbps2,999 INR50 GB 30 Days
Connectzone100 Mbps8,999 INR500 GB30 Days
Asianet Xtreme100 Mbps4,999 INR350 GB30 Days
BSNL100 Mbps16,999 INR600 GB30 Days
Gigatel100 Mbps3,800 INR250 GB30 Days

There are a lot of other telecom companies out there in the country offering a high-speeds internet connection upto 100Mbps. Depending on the location the prices vary in some cases and hence, we suggest you check out the best option for you in your location and get a plan accordingly. Having said that, we would like to know the service provider which you are using right now? Are you satisfied with your current service provider or are you planning for an upgrade/ change? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below and also, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.


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