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Facebook Copies Snapchat Stories bringing “Messenger Day” feature with stickers & filters



If you are a Snapchat user, then the fact that Instagram copied the whole Instagram stories feature might have bothered you. It is exactly the same feature which we are talking about here. Yes, it is a good way to post about your daily activities instantly, but snatching someone else’s idea isn’t fair. But what if you come to know that even Facebook is trying to get the same feature.

We have some new reports according to which Facebook is in the process of testing a new feature. It is called as the ‘Messenger Day’ and it is similar to Snapchat and Instagram’s stories feature. This new feature is found inside the Messenger app and is currently being tested in Poland only. This new Messenger Day will allow users to post a page with pictures and videos for anything and everything that is going around and share it instantly with your friends.

Facebook bringing Snapchat-like Camera Stickers & Filters, Powered with MSQRD

And similar to Snapchat and Instagram, the page will disappear after 24 hours. And not just that, the page and also be decorated using multiple stickers, filters, messages, etc. This is nothing that we not seen earlier. It should be interesting to see how this will work out for Facebook. But given the fact that the Instagram stories are also being used widely by many users, this should also get a good start. And as mentioned earlier, this is only limited to Poland right now, but we are expecting them to release this in other regions as well.

With the launch of this new feature, it is quite clear that Facebook is trying to keep it’s subscriber base intact. The company wants more and more people to use their service, and hence it is now trying to get more attention with the new feature so that it can attract some more users before they start using Snapchat. But Snapchat is still good at what it does, and not many people would like to shift to a new app for that. But again, Facebook’s worldwide reach surpasses that of Snapchat, so the company has the potential to stop users from trying out Snapchat. It is expected that the company will not bring the new Messenger Day feature to the U.S just yet.

Once they have a good start with overseas market, this may eventually find it’s way in the U.S. Well; another reason could be the fact that over 60 million users who are currently using Snapchat there, might find it offensive to see a company like Facebook trying to push a knock-off feature of this kind. These are just some of speculation that is surfacing around, but we hope this feature is good enough to lure people into it and it does some good to the company. But as of now we just have to wait and see if this feature ever rolls out to India or not. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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