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WhatsApp Messenger for Android is now updated with new camera features



WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most used messaging platforms across the globe. And over the course of time, we have been seeing a lot of development on this application lately. What once was a basic application used for messaging, is now being used for various other purposes like voice call and soon it will also have the video calling functionality. So now when you talk about an application which is already soo good at what it does, how do you make it even better? Well, that’s exactly what the company is doing.

WhatsApp just has announced a new updated feature for their messaging application. This update is for the Android Devices and it brings a variety of different new features to the camera within the app. So essentially this feature is for those, who takes a lot of photos with their phones. Yes, with this new feature, users will be able to customise the photos they share via the app. With this latest version, users will be able to customise and improve the photos and video they want to share with friends and family.


The application has now been updated with a variety of new features which will allow users to draw on photos and videos as well. And if this is not enough for you crazy artists out there, then you also will be able to add emojis to express your feelings to make it much more easier. And all these features are implemented so well, that using them is a breeze. It is as simple as opening your application and snapping your photo. Then you can automatically see the new editing tools. Users can use these tools given and can take advantage of the new feature on the go.

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So no need to dig into any settings or no fiddling around with the image settings as well. And wait, we have more new features to talk about. Another interesting new feature is that now the WhatsApp camera feature supports the front-facing flash. This should help all the selfie enthusiasts out there to take a selfie even in low-lighting conditions and share them instantly. So now you don’t have t use another smartphone to throw the flash for taking night selfies. And lastly, another new addition is that the latest version of WhatsApp for Android comes with a brand new zoom feature for recording videos.

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This is also quite easy to use. It is as simple as sliding your thumb up and down on the viewfinder to zoom in and out of the subject. And if it makes any easier, you can now switch between the front and rear camera simply by double tapping on the screen. Well, one thing to make a note here is that all these new features are available to all Android users beginning today. However, the iPhone version of WhatsApp is yet to receive the updated features and functionalities. It has bee reported that the new features will be added to the iOS app as well soon.


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