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Capture 360 Degree Photos & Videos with any iPhone with Spincle App & Watch in VR



VR as a technology is still in early adoption state. While developers are getting on board slowly, consumers are still holding themselves back. The reason behind the same being, no practical usage other than viewing some similar contents or maybe they think that it’s really worth to buy an expensive VR Headset. Eiter way, this is still a work in progress kind of situation here and we are still waiting on some solid development. With that being said, let’s take a look at something new here.

A new application called the Spincle is aiming to bring VR content capture to mobile. Yes, this is not the first time that we are seeing something like this but this might be the best one in terms of usage. Well, if you think about this, creating a 360-degree video and sharing it on the social media or anywhere online with your friends is not that simple. First put in the amount of work to create one and then do all kinds of crazy work on that to put it together and the get the content on your smartphones etc and then share it. Spincle is here to change that.

Spincle wants to bring your camera new power and build out a couple of new types of 360 videos. In simple words, this app is just a panorama app, but they are launching a couple of interesting formats that you can capture with any regular iPhone camera. But Spincle takes a unique approach and builds an app with photo/video amalgam that turns certain aspects of the panorama into a video and keeps the rest a static image based on scene capture. A unique approach indeed.

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The app itself has a nice UI which can be used to view your content and provides an easy interface for sharing them across the platforms. The resultant files are exported as .mp4 files and are often smaller in size due to the company’s formatting techniques. We belive that with more and more apps like these and smartphones with better cameras, smartphones are going to be a huge part of the VR in future. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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