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Facebook bringing Snapchat-like Camera Stickers & Filters, Powered with MSQRD



The Social media sharing has changed the way we see the world today, gone the days we use to exchange just text messages, multimedia message and smileys to express ourselves. Now with services like Snapchat, people are most interested in portraying every second of their private life to the people they care about. May they be in any corner of the world, with Snapchat you can get creative with your look and filters.

While Facebook might be the biggest social network on the planet in terms of overall numbers, but Snapchat is clearly identified as a threat to Facebook’s photo sharing service. That is why the Social Network giant has finally rolled out a feature that they think going to shift the decline of sharing happening on the Facebook app. And ever since the company failed to acquire Snapchat, they have tried to emulate the certain feature that people love on Snapchat. Let me tell; they have failed miserably.

Facebook Stories

The only hope remained was to do something with its popular photo-sharing app, Instagram. So, eventually, the company introduced Instagram Stories, a similar feature on Snapchat, which has received quite well regards with the current userbase. They love the feature and to some extent, we like it too. Telling a whole day’s story with a set of tools that lets you scribble on your photos and videos. People who have used Snapchat stories would say it’s quite similar, but we would point out that it’s different in its own way.

Now coming to the main news, if you recall Facebook acquired a Video effects app in March this year named MSQRD. It uses your camera and enables you to add a different set of filters, which then can be shared on other social networks. With Facebook now incorporating the technology from MSQRD, they have decided to implement it on their flagship app.

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Users who have signed up for Beta channel of the Facebook app would notice that there is an icon to launch camera once they tap on “Whats on Your Mind?” field. The camera will open in full mode and from there you take a picture or record a clip. Once you switch to front-facing camera, you will see MSQRD’s augmented reality filters, which will allow you to be creative in your selfie. The company has timed this feature with Olympics happening in Rio. So, participants of Beta app should see this feature.

If you haven’t signed up for that, and want to try out this feature before it’s final release, you would need to sign up for Beta channel of the Facebook app.


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