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Order Food directly from Google Search, App through Swiggy & Zomato



The Mountain View giant has rolled out a new update to its Search app for Android and iOS devices that let you place an order with various third party service as well as book a table at a restaurant. All this can be done directly from the Google Search results. Earlier, Google search results for restaurants would just reveal the listing available on Google Maps, where you could only see the opening hours, the address of the restaurant, as well directly open the navigation from search results. Now you can order as well as book a table from the search results.

This new roll out is for the lazy foodie in who doesn’t want to head over to the app drawer and launch a separate app, or even install an app especially to order food online. That’s why Google has introduced this service where you can search for the listing. For instance, you want to order your favorite Tandoori Chicken from 21 Guns Salute in Gurgaon. Well, all you have to do is, just tap on the search box and type or use voice search to get results for 21 Guns Salute. As soon as you do that, you’ll notice the Google Maps listing (if available) loading first in the search results.

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You have to scroll down the listing then and see a Place an Order option. Note that as soon as you tap on that; you’ll be prompted to apps like Zomato or Swiggy, depending on the restaurant is available on either of the food ordering service or not. For the time being, Google Search has integrated only two third-party food ordering services but expect the listing to increase over the time.

Apart from placing a food order at restaurants from Google Search, now you can also reserve a table for your anniversary that you recalled at the last moment. Just follow the similar steps that you did above, instead of tapping on Place an Order, you must tap on Find a Table. You will be then prompted to open either Dineout or Bytplus on your Android or iOS handset. Well, that is just swell! On top of that Google has said that they’ll be adding more partners and would evolve the look and feel of this feature over the time.


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