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Android Add-ons for Docs and Sheets launched for e-signature, CRM data & more



Most of us use our smartphones as a primary device for daily use for various productivity work like editing a doc sheet or creating a PPT etc. Even though the screen is not ideal for that type of work, but there are various application readily available for just the same use. When you talk about productivity work, Google has developed a bunch of them and they are used widely across the platforms. On the same lines, Google has introduced Android add-ons for Docs and Sheets.

With this new update, the company is said to closely work with a various different third-party app developer. This has allowed them to create a seamless integration for Docs and Sheets. Here is the list of few of the many integrations –

  • DocuSign – DocuSign allows users to sign a document allowing it easier for E-signatures etc. With this integration, complete a signing process from Docs or Sheets becomes much easier. Once done, save the document and upload it to Google Drive on the go.
  • ProsperWorks – ProsperWorks uses Google Sheets for real-time collaboration on anything from financial reports to collecting name suggestions. Now with this new integration, you can import your CRM data to create and update advanced dashboards, reports, and graphs on Sheets. And all this is possible right from the device.
  • AppSheet – It is now possible to start and create powerful AppSheet apps directly from the Google Sheets on Android Devices. This features will help app creators manage their apps and capture data more efficiently.
  • Scanbot – Users can now scan their business documents using the built-in OCR. It is also possible to insert the contents into docs as editable text.

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These are just few from a long list of new add-ons like PandaDoc, ZohoCRM, TeacherAide, EasyBib and classroom in Google Play collection. These can also be seen from the add-on menus in Docs or Sheets. Check these add-ons and let us if you liked the new integration. Stay tuned for info like this.


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