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How to Enable the Hidden USB OTG Function on OnePlus 3 Smartphone



OnePlus 3 was launched officially in the month of June and it offers a major upgrade over the predecessor OnePlus 2. OnePlus 2 faced a lot of heat from users since it lacked the NFC. And at the time of launch, OnePlus 3 also received a lot of heat from the users since it lacked the USB OTG support out of the box. Users started reporting this issue once they discovered that the devices were not supporting this functionality.

But the OnePlus 3 does support USB OTG, but it has to be enabled manually inside the settings. The setting itself is hidden in the menu, which makes it hard to discover unless you were specifically hunting for it. Definitely not the best decision for them to put it there. Users who regularly plug it in will have to go through this unnecessary step, whereas in other devices it is enabled out of the box.

To enable OTG support, follow these below steps –

  • Go to settings in your device.
  • Look for storage option.
  • Enter the internal storage option and click the menu icon (three dots) at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click enable OTG.

There you go. Now you are good to go with this and use your USB devices etc. We discovered this option when we were trying to test the CDLA earphones provided with the LeEco Le 2 smartphone. It connects via a USB Type-C port, and it can be used with the OnePlus 3 only when you have this setting enabled. Also, OnePlus initially decided not to include sRGB mode options. Later on, the company gave in to popular demand and added it in an update. It will be interesting to see what the company will say to this. Stay tuned for more such tips and other info like these.


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