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Top 10 LG G3 Smartphone Problems & How To Fix them



LG is well known to its quality products and ever since it has entered the smartphone industry it managed to occupy a decent place among other manufacturers. It releases the devices strategically which can last longer. LG G3 is one such smartphone which was released long back and still most of the people using it as their primary device.

Just like LG G2 and LG G4, LG G3 smartphone became popular soon after its launch. As of now, the users who had this device on their hands-on seem to face few issues as we are receiving reports from the users. So, we sort out all the issues and found solutions for them. So, now if you got a LG G3 in your hand and it has a issue, then just relax back and go through the below guide to resolve your issue.

1. Phone shuts down

Problem – Most of the users reported that, their phone is shutting down without any notification. If avoided, this could turn into a major problem. So, we found a solution for this and you can easily resolve this issue.

Solution – First in case, try to restart the device and if it fails to restart then perform wipe cache partition. To perform this you need to get the phone into recovery mode. Turn off the phone and by press power and volume down button at the same time until you see LG logo. Now release the keys and again press and hold the power and volume down keys until you see the recovery mode menu. In here, use volume buttons for navigation and power button for confirming the selection. Now, select and confirm ‘Wipe cache partition’ and then go for ‘Reboot system now’. By now, the problem should have resolved.

If the issue persists even after wipe cache partition, then perform factory reset on the phone. This process will erase everything from the device and so take a prior back up. Once back up is done, turn off the phone and get into recovery mode as explained above. In here, select and confirm ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then ‘Yes’. This could take some time and faster that go for ‘Reboot System Now’. Another way to perform factory reset is by opening ‘Settings – General – Backup and Reset – Factory Data Reset – Reset Phone – Erase Everything ‘. By now, the problem of shutting down should be resolved completely and if not try to replace the handset.

2. Over-Heating issue

Problem – Over-heating issue is a most common issue in every Android device. We have received many reports about the over-heating issue from the LG G3 users too. So, by performing few tasks, you can easily resolve this issue.

Solution – The first thing you need to do is, check all the apps that are downloaded by you and disable the auto-update of the apps. It’s advisable to do manual updates for the required apps. Also, uninstall or disable the bloatware from the phone because, these pre-installed apps may cause the over-heating issue.
Never perform multi-tasking (using several apps and features at a time) on the phone as it may over-load the processor resulting in over-heating and freezing issues. Also, remove all the widgets and live wallpapers from
phone to ensure the safety of the device.

Whenever you charging the device or playing high-resolution games, try to take remove the protective case as this could arise the over-heating problem. So, by following these precautions, you can easily overcome the over-heating issue.

3. Lag in Performance

Problem – Another issue that is troubling the LG G3 users is lag in the performance of the device after few months of usage. This also seems to be a most common issue among the Android devices. But, with few precautions and workouts, the users can resolve this issue.

Solution – in order to avoid the lag on device, the first thing you can do is turn off animations. You can find the option to disable the animations under developer options. Open ‘Settings>About Phone’ and tap few times on ‘Build Number’ to enable the developer options. Now, you can find them under the ‘Settings>More(Additional)’. Open them and scroll down to find the animation scale options. By default, you can see them pointed to 1x, so now turn them off reduce to 0.5x to improve the performance of the phone.

Even then you see the lag in performance then remove the app cache. Open each app from the app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ option. This will remove the cache from apps. Also, perform ‘Wipe cache partition’ as explained in the solution 1. By now, the lag issue should get resolved and if not, then perform the factory reset as a last resort. Follow the procedure explained in the solution 1 to perform factory reset.

4. Bluetooth connection issue

Problem – Few users of LG G3 reported that, the device is unable to connect to the Bluetooth and sometimes they are receiving ‘Bluetooth has stopped’ error message. Well, this could be resolved simply by performing few workouts.

Solution – First of all make sure that you are pairing the device correctly when Bluetooth is ON. Next, check the number of devices that are paired with your device because sometimes the problem arises when the limit increases. As a last resort, you can go to settings>Bluetooth and tap on forget. Now, start connecting to devices from the beginning. This should resolve the issue for sure.

5. Poor battery-life

Problem – Another most common issue that is being faced by the Android users is poor battery-life. It seems like LG G3 users too facing this issue after using the device for few months. But by taking few precautions one can easily improve the battery life of the device.

Solution – Always turn off the connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data whenever not in use as these will consume the battery. Avoid the use of widgets and Live Wallpapers as they drain the battery faster than usual. Another most important thing to do for avoiding the poor battery life issue is that never install battery-draining apps on the device and always clear the app caches.

Try to use original battery chargers whenever you charge the device as the battery drains faster with the when duplicate chargers are used. In case you see the rapid draining of battery ever since the device is bought, then replace the handset.

6. Low-Voice during Calls

Problem – Many users of LG G3 smartphone have reported about the poor voice quality during the call period. And as of now we could able to find a solution for this through a simple workout.

Solution – The first and foremost thing to do is, go to ‘Settings>Call>voice enhancement’ and then enable/disable the option and check the voice quality. If this could resolve the issue then you can feel better. If not, turn off the ‘privacy keeper’ under call settings as this could help in improving the voice quality by avoiding any distortion or interference. If you didn’t satisfies with the voice quality even after changing the settings then replace the device with new one.

7. Audio-hearing issue

Problem – Few of the LG G3 users reported that, there seems to be an issue with audio on the phone. It seems like there is a disturbance (hissing noise) while hearing the audio through headset.

Solution – Well, this cannot be changed through settings and so we need to get an update from the manufacturer to fix the issue. Some users stated that, after the update, the audio-hearing issue got resolved and now they can hear clear audio through the headsets.

8. Camera Issue

Problem – Most of the users complained that whenever they are attempting to zoom in video-recording, the camera keeps on crashing. Well, this seems to be a problem with the camera application.

Solution – First of all, try to factory reset the phone using the method explained in the solution 1. If the problem persists, then we can say that the issue is with the stock camera and so users need to wait for the update. Meanwhile you can use third party camera apps like Google Camera.

9. LED Not Working

Problem – Few users reported that they aren’t able to see the LED light notifications for messages and mails. Well, it seems like it is working while charging but not on notifications.

Solution – First make sure that LED is on under the ‘Settings>Display>Notification LED’. Try to on and off the option for few times and check. Also, turn off the device and remove the battery, and reinsert it after sometime and by now the problem should get resolved.

10. Wi-Fi Connection Issue

Problem – Some of the LG G3 users reported that they are facing the issue with Wi-Fi connections. But, this could be a common issue and with simple workout you can resolve the issue.

Solution – The first thing you need to do is, restart the router. Mostly, this should solve the problem and if not then turn off the phone for some time and turn it on back and then connect to the Wi-Fi.

In case of you have any other issues with your LG G3 smartphone then write us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve the issue for you.

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