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How to Enable and Disable iCloud Drive File Manager in iOS 9



iOS 9 iCloud Drive

The newly announced iOS 9 from Apple brings in a few exciting features, what you can call as much needed ones that are available on the other alternative smartphone operating systems. One of those which Apple didn’t talk about, and is not officially backing up fully, is the iCloud Drive.

Remember that you weren’t able to browse the files in different folders in any previous version of iOS? Now, the iCloud Drive can be activated and it will be available for you to browse files that are stored in the cloud, in folder view. At least something that makes sense for file access on an Apple iPhone. There were some third party apps that did the same, but when it is something from the device and OS maker, we trust it more.

The app, i.e. iCloud Drive, is quite limited at least for now, but that is okay because that is a beginning. It won’t be directly available in the app lists, and you actually would need to enable it from the settings to get direct access to it.

If you aren’t already on the iOS 9 Beta 1, you might want to follow this iOS 9 beta installation guide.

To enable iCloud Drive, you need to first begin with iCloud, and set it up. To do that, go to Settings in your device running iOS 9, and there, go to iCloud settings. If you haven’t set it up already, login and set up iCloud on the device.

iOS 9 iCloud Drive settings

Now, once you are done with that, look for the option “iCloud Drive” which is the one that will sync your local and cloud data. Turn that ON, and just below the drive setting, you’ll the option of “Show on Home Screen”. Enable that, and you’ll see an iCloud Drive app, now in the list of apps on home screen.

iOS 9 iCloud Drive Enable

It will take time for the first time for the data to be synced with your iCloud Drive if you have quite a lot to upload and store. Pretty easy, right? But a lot to improve and do at least for now. Still, when we are seeing something that helps browse files by date, tags and such, iOS is heading ahead very well.

iOS 9 iCloud Drive Show on home screen

Think you are checking out something unnecessary for now? you can disable the iCloud Drive, just like you had enabled it. The iCloud settings will have the option to remove iCloud Drive from home screen, and then the same page will have option to disable iCloud Drive.

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