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DynePod Brings You The Internet of Toys to Empower Kids



Dynepod Platform

There are many wearables out there in the market, while mostly are focused as per the use by adults. There arrives a need of when these organizations develop something interesting and concrete for children. With that thought in mind, a startup in the state of South Carolina called Dynepic is very much interested to do something for children.

Company has come up with a platform called Dynepods, which are educational, programmable, and connected toys. They are designed to excite and empower the next generation of innovators. As kids are the future of any community.  These days kids are more interested in playing with a tablet rather than the stuffed toys. While company plans to emancipate these kids by providing a way of learning through these connected toys. They also them to be  inclined to a playtime with their toys.

Dynepod Platform

With Dynepods, the playtime of the kids will be more interactive by linking up with friends over these toys. These toys are easily programmable to allow a parent to set important reminders by setting alarms. They are not just wearable, but are also meant to be incorporated into kids’ own creations and are LEGO Brick compatible.

This platform operates over the cloud named as Internet of Toys Cloud platform. While that cloud is access via the tablet or a smartphone. Where a parent would be able to control the Dynepods that their children are playing with.  They can monitor through the application features as well as program the toys with simple graphical programming available on the companion application.

Currently, there are four distinct play patterns available with Dynepods. Standalone  mode, where the Dynepod works on its own, while second being the connection between two Dynepods. The fully connected play would mean that the toys are in the range of the tablet/Smartphone as they would be connected via the Bluetooth technology. Whereas tablet or smartphone would have to connect to a Wi-Fi or cell network to connected to the internet, so that they have an established connection with toys.

The app is pretty easy to use, as kids would be able to program it on If and then basis. For instance, a kid with Dynepod would be easily able to track if his candy is being stolen by someone or not. Just clipping of the cube out of the Dynepod and putting it into the jar would allow that kid to track moments. And let’s say if the cube goes flashes the red light, it will mean that somebody did steal the candies.

Initially, company is focused to produce support for Apple iOS devices. Therefore, the app will be supported on the devices like iPhone 4S and above, as well as iPad third generation and above. Company would be opening up the APIs for developers to play around as the future would be dependent on them. The 3D printable designs, hand-crafted designs, as well as the accessories to personalize to the Dynepods will be available on company’s website.

The Dynepic has started its Kickstarter campaign today to reach a crowd funding goal of at least $ 30K. It would help them mass manufacture the product as it would reach its consumers via this campaign too. These Dynepods are up for pledges for as low as $79. If the crowd funding got successful, then company claims to ship them as early as on June next year.


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