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Samsung Power Sharing Cable at $19.99 Can Charge Wearables On the Go



Samsung Power Sharing Cable

The wearables like fitness band and smart watches has been receiving a great response since they first came into market as a commercial products. And now, every week or so new models are being released with great addition of features, though, the one issue still remains the same, the power consumption.

Samsung Power Sharing Cable

It is known for a fact that most of the wearables, more importantly the smartwatch or fitness bands with display consumes much battery that they don’t even last a day or so. Making it hard for wearer’s to charge these devices twice a day, which is a big inconvenience for the consumers.

Though, lots of companies are trying to do their best and come up with the solutions to this problem. Till now we have seen some experimental results in the field of embedded solar panels, wireless charging, or even stuffing an extra built-in battery in the wrist band. However, the one reason that these experiments failed is that they were not able to widespread their adoption.

Now Samsung, the company that has half a dozen smartwatches or dedicated fitness wearables available in the market has come up with a solution to their set of products. The solution comes in the form of a cable, which allows you to share the battery between two Samsung devices. It means you can connect a larger battery powered device (Smartphone/Tablet) with your wearable device like Smartwatch, which in turn will get juice up by using battery from the Smartphone. While this doesn’t purely solve the issue that wearables have been facing, but it does provide a viable alternative in the emergency situations.

Since, it Samsung we are talking about, company has currently restricted the list of devices to the: Galaxy S5, Galaxy S 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant, and the Galaxy Note 4. However, it is interesting to note that, the device receiving power on the other side can be any product, which is compatible with the standard micro USB cable.

Company has created a dedicated application to control the power sharing functionality, aptly named “Power Sharing. It allows a user to nominate how long a device should be powered for, or how much power should be given. The device also enables users to monitor the progress of the transfer, as well as the rate at which the power is being transferred.

The phone/tablet won’t able to transfer the full battery power for some obvious reason, nonetheless, it enough that you will have a temporary solution if your smartwatch or fitness wearable runs out of battery juice.

Source: Samsung


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