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3Glasses D2 Vanguard Edition VR Headset with 2K display launched



Virtual Reality is the next revolution in technology and gaming industry, which will change the way we experience media and games. There are a variety of different VR Headsets available in the market, for both smartphones and PC by different manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, etc. One such company is 3Glasses. This Chinese company is aiming at a low price point to get users dive into VR right now. On the same lines, their most recent project is the D2 Vanguard Edition headset.

This is a PC based VR headset, and it features a display and a pair of lenses that you strap to your head. The built-in motion sensors track your movement and apply it in real time to the environment you are currently viewing in the headset. Taking a look at the headset, it looks fairly stylish, when compared to other headsets in the market.

The lenses in 3Glasses offer 110-degree Field of Vision (FOV), which seems to be fairly standard. It packs a 2K resolution display which means you get roughly 1080p per eye. The pixels aren’t nearly as noticeable when you are viewing a video or playing a game. The 3Glasses also includes a touch sensitive panel on the right side of the headset with a power and menu button. It has less than 13ms latency.

The headset also comes with built-in software that helps you navigate around the menus. This software had a lot of bugs and wasn’t reliable during initial testing but now with the headset ready to retail for about $399, they would have sorted the issue out and is hopefully ready for consumers. At this price, this is a compelling VR setup for folks who aren’t tied to any particular brand. VR as such is not yet fully developed as a technology. Even tough there are a couple of headsets out there for consumer usage; there aren’t as many applications or games that are truly immersive or makes you want to buy them immediately. PC and console gaming is as good as it gets right now.

However, even today, running VR games on these headsets require a high-end PC, which again increases the cost of the overall built. Game developers have promised a lot of titles which will be launching in coming years, and we hope VR will be adopted by many.


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