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DokiWatch allows Parents to Track Kids & Features Video Calling over 3G / Wi-Fi



The GPS tracking equipment is a big hit when it comes to GPS enabled watches for kids, it not only allows parents to keep tabs on where their children is but also keep them closer to their child, especially if both the parents are working. China is a big market for such products, as estimated 700,000 units has been sold alone by the BBK, the Chinese electronics manufacturer that is known to build phones for brands like Oppo and OnePlus. Their XTC Y01 smartwatch for kids costs around $125 and is a big hit.

DokiWatch (3)

Cashing in this market, is another firm named Doki Technologies with their product, DokiWatch. It might be the regular looking smartwatch but it has a lot to offer. Just announced on the Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform where company plans to raise a capital that would help them deliver this resourceful product. Currently, it is priced at $99 for the early bird backers, but company plans to retail this wearable for kids at $179.99, which is quite pricey.

Casper Chien, Founder & CEO, Doki Technologies quote that this idea came to him while he was out shopping with his nephew Jeremy, one moment he was there and the next he was nowhere to be found. That mini panic attack he had motivated him to build this product. It was then Mr. Chien realized that there needs to be a device that would allow parents to track the whereabouts of their children immediately and conveniently.

DokiWatch - SOS Mode

Coming to the talk of specifics of DokiWatch, it packs a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS as its core functions. But what’s interesting is that it allows voice calling as well as video calling with the help of camera built right into the watch. Moreover, it would allow kids to connect with other kids having same watch. They can add each other as contact in their respective watches and exchange texts, emojis etc on the wearable.

DokiWatch - Video Calling

With the support of 3G and video calling this watch can be a game changer and would practically replace the need to give smartphones to the kids as most modern parents tend too. Limiting the online activities of their child as you know it, the DokiWatch also packing in an interactive assistant in the form of DokiPet. It would motivate children to be more active, as it would monitor steps taken, calories burned with the help of accelerometer installed on the watch. Kids can collect badges and unlock may exciting stickers by achieving goals.

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The DokiWatch is also equipped with a SOS mode, which can be enabled from the button given on the left side of the watch. Pressing it for 3 seconds would send a signal to the connected smartphone that should be with parent, they would be notified of the location of child and thus allowing parents to reach to their kids ASAP. Note once the SOS button is pressed a 60 seconds audio recording is sent to the family list. Wouldn’t you like to remotely keep knowledge of your child’s whereabouts? Design for kids of ages 6 to 12 years, this can be a perfect gift for your child/nephew/niece as well as to you too.

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