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This Case for iPhone finds your Lost Stuff Indoors & Outdoors




Have you a habit of losing things? You forget your keys? Misplaced your phone? And you think you can’t control this, it just happens to you. If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you have to make sure it doesn’t happen further anymore. Consider BiKN, a $120 combination of iPhone case, app, and series of tags that can be attached to the items that you may misplace it in a near future.

You don’t have to be shy, everyone forgets things these days, with a fast pace life it is sometimes hard to keep up with the flow and remember everything when you’re trying to focus. Starting up with this product is pretty easy, you just have to select the item and slip the lightweight tag to the item.

Now whenever an item that is tagged goes missing, you can just check the low-power radio waves that will help you in finding the items as quickly as possible. It will show you where the item is in relation to you. And as you get closer to the device the tag would be emitting the annoying sound so that you can understand the whereabouts more exactly.

Note that you can locate up to 8 items with the BiKN. This case and tags combination can offer up to 50-100 feet of indoor range, as well as up to 500 feet of outdoor range. You can setup the tags for alerts so that when your things get mosey out of predetermined range, you can track them and get your stuff back to its place.


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