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Checking your Phone before Sleeping? It’s slowly killing you – Watch Why!



Checking your Phone before Sleeping

The world has been changed a lot since the invention of gadgets, this argument whether the life has been made simpler by technology or not is going on since it was first introduced to the people of the world. Though, it is for a fact that in today’s modern world the technology has made human mind more clutter than ever.

The simpler times are over when people used to wake up, eat breakfast, play outside with friends or go out with family for outing. Now we need someone to force us even to talk a walk in the park, like fitness trackers.

Coming back to the real issue, we have been facing, these day’s people are buying latest gadgets using the plastic money, EMI, as well as even applying loans for it. Are they really worth it? You should know that regular usages of the computers, mobile phones, as well as gadgets with display are killing you slowly. It’s kind of sad!

One should be aware of what bad things can happen if the technology they’re using is affecting their body in a bad way. Why these gadgets would be killing you? It’s simple; a human body takes the time to adapt to the changes that technology is bringing to the life. And because of the fast pace in changes, our bodies are failing to adapt them.

When we started owning the devices for ourselves, it was obvious that e bought them for entertainment purpose. But talking specifically about mobile phones, we keep them by our side all the time. It is the only thing that is constant in our lives these days, which has changed our night time into the daytime and vice versa.

This change of our routine is affecting a lot of changes in our body, particularly the melatonin levels. It is all wrong, as darkness is as much important to the body as sunlight because our body produces melatonin during the darkness. It controls our body’s circadian rhythm that is responsible for controlling the sleep and wake cycles.

Not denying the fact that lights are not there during the night unless you open your mobile phones and start chatting and playing around on it while you’re lying on your bed. You think that you’re connected to the world, but what you’re doing to your body is very wrong, as you’re exposing the brain to artificial light. What eventually would happen is that melatonin production would be suppressed, and your sleep & wake cycles would be disturbed.

You’ll not be happy to know that people with low melatonin levels are more prone to cancer and other ailments, as the most important function of melatonin is to prevent our cells from damage. And if that’s not there to offer that, then how does a human body can prevent the ailments.

All you have to do to make sure that melatonin suppression is not happening is to sleep at the right time, which is the night. With no distraction from any gadgets in your room, it is recommended that you should not use any gadgets at least half hour before going to sleep. To maintain the perfect balance, you should not turn your nighttime into daytime and vice versa.


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