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10 Best Photos of the World taken with Smart Phones



Best Photos taken with a Smartphone

NO fancy camera is required to take an incredible capture; any smartphone user can be a photographer if he has a passion for it. There is quite the number of Smartphones present in the market that offers the capability to shoot pretty detailed photographs. You will be amazed once you saw how the smartphone camera could be a part of photo revolution or a beauty offer a kind of photographic details that you wouldn’t believe until you saw it. There are hundreds of professional photographers that have gone mobile and trying their hands with smartphone cameras.

Every year Sony conducts it’s World Photography Awards, and with an entry of more than 10,000 in the mobile category itself it proves that people these days prefer smartphone over a digital camera, or sometimes even over a DSLR as they’re very heavy cameras and not easy to carry around. Check out the most stunning mobile photography from this year.

We are sure that after seeing the below pictures, the photography enthusiasts inside you would awake, then you must head over to our Guides for smartphone photography, which will help your work to achieve in next year’s list. Take a read, we also have a list of best smartphones for photography if you’re in the market for hunting.

Note: Only three images are crowned with positions as First, Second and Third. Other images in the gallery were shortlisted for the Awards and are not placed in any accordance.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place









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