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How to Block Non-Family Friendly Videos on the YouTube Kids App



The YouTube Kids App that was launched early 2015 which included special content just for kids and this application initially came with few Parental controls like the sound settings, Search settings and Timer. Now Google has given more controls to the parents and lets them block Non-Family Friendly Videos on the YouTube Kids application. Since the launch of this application from Google, it has been in the top 5 apps in the App Store with a 4+ rating by the users.

With the new roll out, the parents will have more control over what their children watch and decide the right content for the family. For example, you do not want your child to watch sports videos, or say a horror video. These videos can now be blocked or even block the channel itself by signing into the application. The videos or channel can be blocked from the three dots menu that is available, and for you to sign into the app, it will be asking to send yourself a parental consent email.

Now add an account to the YouTube Kids application and the parents will be getting a verification code to sign in. Once the channels and videos that you blocked will remain blocked across all the devices that you have signed in. The user will always have the option of unblocking the restricted videos or channels at one go.

The update will be available in the United States, Argentina, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and India. You might be wondering how the App will work? Let us look in detail about the same.

How does the app work?

When the application is opened, there is a detailed video on how to choose and recommend content and flag videos. There is also an option to choose how broadly you want your children to explore and turn on the search to get access to the family-friendly videos. You can also disable the search to restrict the children’s experience and set the limit accordingly.

What is use of Timer?

The built-in timer on the application lets the parents limit kid’s screen time and set the amount of time to spend on the application. Once the session is completed, the application will alert the child and notifies them about same.

How to watch YouTube kids on bigger screen?

The YouTube Kids is available on TV letting the users enjoy the service on the bigger screen with the entire family. This can be done, using a SmartTV, Apple TV, game consoles and Chromecast.

How to make age-based customizations?

The user the can set the videos according to the age group of their child by selecting from three general age groups namely Preschool, School-age and all Kids. This can be set from the application itself or from the settings of the app.

This application was recently made available in India and this is very useful for the parents to keep their child away from unwanted videos and use the application in an educational way. Stay tuned to phoneradar and do share your views on the same by commenting below in the section provided.


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