YouTube Kids App Officially Launched in India for iOS & Android Users- Download App

by Amit Bhawani 2

In early 2015, Youtube has separately launched the Youtube Kids app that includes specially curated content just for Kids. Later, the company even integrated the Youtube Red so that the kids can watch the ads-free videos by paying some fee. Almost after two years after launching the services, now the Youtube for Kids app is finally made its way to India. The App is available for both Android and iOS users and is already downloaded by 10 million users along on Android.

Earlier: Feb 23, 2015 – Are you a parent with kids at home? If yes then its time you should take a look at the newest App from Google which is “Youtube for Kids”. Most of the kids spend their time on the YouTube application, all thanks to the amazing content created by creators all around the world, but the biggest problem to this is the curation. Kids share the devices with their parents or are given access to devices which have the YouTube application and there are no filters which would restrict the content.

We had earlier covered an article on setting up child mode on iOS which was the only solution considering that you want only Child Safe content access, but with this new application you can stay assured about the content accessed. All the above mentioned problems are now fixed with this new app which helps in better discovery of content, where kids can explore and find the right content they have been searching for.

The Application has different Parental Controls.

  1. Sound Settings : You have the option to switch OFF the background music and sound effects when you want a little peace.
  2. Search Settings : If you wish you could just pre-selected videos and limit the kids access to those videos and also disable the search feature.
  3. Timer : You can limit the kids access to the YouTube app by setting up a limited access. You can this way limit the screen time and also alert the child when the session is completed.

Amit Bhawani


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  • Tried out the app. Seems perfect for kids with less contents! Very useful and informative!

    Nice UI for kids, very easy to operate. Nice parental control to set time limit and even to switch off the search option.

    Tried out searching “Bollywood”, “movie and actor names”, it couldn’t find anything! But when I searched for “Kapil Sharma show”, it did find few clips!

    So it’s totally safe for kids. But I think there is not much contents for kids above 10 years of age!

    I think there is good scope to create more contents for this YouTube kids app.
    Though not sure yet how and who curate and upload contents for this!?

  • Arpit Porwal

    A much needed step to block the soft porn, downloading the app just to try it. Will be recommending to people around me to install for their kids.