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Everything you wanted to know about Android Wear & its Features



Android Wear

Android Wear is the latest offering from Google at the Google I/O event today, making itself available for the ever increasing Wearables market after it was announced a few months back. And many big companies like LG and Samsung are already releasing the devices that are running the Android Wear OS.

At the Google I/O event, all the features and the most important demonstration of how Android Wear works, was displayed and here we are going to show you some of the best features of Android Wear.

Android Wear

Automatic Phone Unlock

Starting with unlocking your smartphone Android Wear can help you make it easier to use your smartphone and save a lot of time in the process. Here, when you take or hold your smartphone in your hand on which you are wearing the Smart Watch with android Wear your Smartphone will automatically unlock without any password. Or passcode as it knows that you are the one who is using the device along with the watch unless both of them were stolen together by a thief.

Better Notification use

With android wear, the integration between your smartphone and wearable devices has increased even more as notifications when received on your smartphone you get a vibration alert on your smart watch. What you do with your notifications can be seen directly on your smartphone, if you want to remove certain notifications you can just swipe them to close the notifications that will be automatically closed in your smartphone too. Many apps like Pinterest, for example, are using the notifications to let you know about some places based on your location as a restaurant or pub or library depending on your requirements. Once you have entered a travelling date or have set an alert android wear will constantly keep you updated about the flight status, your ticket, boarding pass and even the weather at the place you are travelling too.

Regular Updates

Android wear helps you to be updated with many things which are important to you by taking help from many apps and your smartphone like giving you flight status, any alerts like collecting a package or parcel which was delivered or any alert related to a particular event which is nearby and you will be getting a notification in your smartwatch device for the same. Every morning you can get updates on what you have to do all day and any important events of things that are listed on your calendar will be read out.

Sync with Apps

With Android wear when you install any app on your smartphone a version of app made for Android Wear will be automatically installed into your smartwatch. And will sync with your smartphone and give you updates or notifications directly on your smartwatch like Pinterest updates, Google Plus, etc.

OK Google

It was earlier on smartphones only but now “OK Google” has also been integrated into Android Wear to be used in smart watches too. With OK Google you can easily control many apps, search using Google Search, Accept or decline Calls, takes notes. Add events to the calendar and many more by just using OK Google on your Smartwatch.

Android Wear Features

Heart and Fitness

With smartwatch enabled with steps tracking and heart rate monitoring, you can use your smartwatch using android wear to track your number of steps and also your heart rate if your smart watch supports it.

Call Management

When you are getting a phone call and you are not in position to answer it you can use your smartwatch to decline the call or you can send a message to the caller saying you are busy and call you back or any text you wish to by just one tap. It Makes it a lot easier in meetings or any places where using your phone is not allowed or not possible.

Locations sense

It is a feature that was seen on smartphones from android and windows as well, and android wear is not bringing it into smart watches as well. Using location sense android wear will give you updates about the alerts that you have put like any important meeting at your office. Or any work that you wanted to do at home will be alerted in the form of a notification when you reach a particular location. Like “Reminder – Feed the fishes, When – Home” and this will be saved in your smart watch, and you will get an alert when you reach home based on location rather than time settings. It will also update you about the traffic and travelling times of your commute to the office depending on the traffic and time.

Lift App

This App gives your smartwatch a instant cab booking service option where all you have to do is say “OK Google”, and then, say “Book a cab to so and so place” and the Lift App will identify your location automatically and convey the location. And booking requirement to any cab service which will automatically book a cab ride for you without even touching your smartphone or watch.

Other Functions

You can play music from your smartphone without touching it by just using OK Google to start playing much using your smartwatch. You can also set Alarms, set reminders, add events to the calendar and many other features which OK Google offers you on your smartphone. You can change the standby screen to analog or digital clock with important notifications displayed continuously and regularly updated like flight status, etc.

Android wear is a great OS for Wearable devices, and already many big companies are ready with smart watches having Android Wear installed and ready for sale immediately. The companies like LG are offering with the LG G Watch and Samsung is ready with Samsung Gear Live watch which are ready for Order, and the much anticipated Motorola Moto 360 will be ready in Summer this year.

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