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Best Buy Accidentally Sells Unreleased 3rd Generation Google Chromecast



Wouldn’t you be happy if you get a 3rd-gen Chromecast when you have the intention of buying the 2nd-gen device? Well, something similar happened to a customer who walked into Best Buy to buy a 2nd-gen Chromecast but walked out with a 3rd-gen Chromecast which has not been released yet. This news came from Reddit wherein we get many strange news, similar to this.

The Original poster as redditors like to call it, as they clarify that it could be the mistake od Best Buy to have accidentally put the new Chromecast instead of the second generation one. It us also said that, when the cashier tried to scan the item, it was not showed in the database and since the customer had the device in hand and the pricing is also similar to its predecessor, he was allowed to take the device under the old SKU.

After the buyer goes home and tried installing the Chromecast, he noticed that the installation is different and the device also had a new Chrome logo along with a thicker shell. There is no glossy top like the 2nd-gen device and does not magnetically attaches to the device via HDMI although the power is still delivered through MicroUSB port. There is not much information about the 3rd-gen Chromecast except one image which does not reveal much about it.

There are rumors that the latest one supports Bluetooth connectivity and also better Wi-Fi reception. We will be knowing more details along with pricing and availability on the launch day. Stay tuned on PhoneRadar for more details!



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