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Asus Zenfone 5 is Slow? How to Speed up for Better Performance in 5 Minutes



Android OS offers a wide variety of features for its users, and every Android user specifically is happy with the OS. Asus has been in the smartphone industry since few years and has managed to attract the users on a large scale. Right from Asus Zenfone 4 to the Zenfone Zoom, it has to provide low-to-high budget phones for the users.

Asus Zenfone 5 is packed with good specifications and became popular soon after its release. But, few of its users reported about the performance issue after few months of usage. By considering all those reports, we decided to share few tips and precautions for our users using which they can make the phone run faster.

Check for Software Update

Software updates will be released officially by the manufacturers at the specific time. These updates contain fixes to minor bugs as well as enhancements which improve the performance of the device. So, before trying other tips for speeding up the phone, make sure to update the software by checking them under ‘Settings>About Phone>System Update> Check update’. If you find any updates for your device, you will be notified with the same and so download and install the update and stay upgraded.

Remove Cache and Uninstall Apps

Every Android user likes to fill up their device with apps, and the deal is that, whenever an app is opened, the cache gets stored in the background and user forgets to remove the cache. So, as a result, it increases its size every time and affects the performance of the phone. We advise you to remove the cache for each app by visiting ‘App Manager’ in the settings of your device and tap on ‘Clear Cache.’

Almost all the Android devices come with the pre-installed apps among which few will be bloatware and useless. Those few apps may slow down the performance of your phone and so uninstall all such apps from your device and keep safe. Also, users install several apps from play store out of which few will be unnecessary. So, find out such apps on your device and uninstall them permanently using the ‘App Manager’ in your device settings.

Avoid Live Wallpapers and Widgets

Live Wallpapers always enhance the look of your device’s display but at the same time has an effect on the performance of the phone. So, if you are concerned about the look, then go for other wallpapers which are normal and beautiful.

We started using widgets on our phone and after deep observation; the phone has shown the issue in performance after few days, and then we tried disabling the widgets, and everything worked well. So, our advice for you is to disable all the widgets from your device and, if necessary, try only one or two. Live wallpapers and widgets may improve the beauty of the display but are responsible for the slow running of the phone.

Disable Animations

By disabling or reducing the animation effects, you can instantly improve the performance of the phone. To disable animation effects, you need to access the developer options. To enable this, tap few times on ‘Build number’ under the ‘Settings>About phone>Software information’. Once the developer options are enabled, scroll down and find Animation settings where you can disable them by tapping on ‘Animations Off’ or reduce the point to 0.5X.

Power-Saving Mode

Asus has embedded ‘Power Saver’ option for its users using which battery life can be extended and in turn, you can make the phone run smoother. The users can select any of the three options which are ‘Ultra-Saving mode’, ‘Optimized Mode’ and ‘Customized Mode.’ The first two modes extend the battery life by disconnecting the network connection (when a device is suspended) and by enabling the network connection respectively. In the customized mode, users can opt what to enable and what not.

Factory data Reset

Factory reset should be performed to make the device fresh and to improve the overall performance of the phone. It erases everything on the phone and makes it brand new, so make sure to take the backup of the data before performing a factory reset. Under ‘Settings>Personal>Backup & Reset’ you can find ‘Factory Data Reset’ option, choose it and complete the process.
Asus Zenfone 5 Reset

Another way to perform this task is by turning on your phone in recovery mode which can usually be done by turning off the phone and by pressing Volume Up + power button for some time until it enters into recovery mode. In recovery mode use volume buttons for scrolling and power buttons for confirming the selection. Now, select and confirm ‘Wipe data/Factory reset’ and after the process is done select and confirm ‘Reboot system now.’

Also, you can select and confirm ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ for clearing the cache from the phone and go for ‘Reboot System now’ after the completion of a process.

Few Other Tips

Upon following few precautions you can also improve the performance of the phone. The precautions include turning off the WiFi and Bluetooth connections when not in use, adjusting rotation and brightness manually and disabling few auto-quick options which are not necessary. Also, do not perform multi-tasking like opening many apps at a time as it will make the phone hang. So, always use the phone carefully by taking precautions and extend the life of the device.

If you have any other performance issue with the Asus Zenfone 5, then feel free to mention them in the comment section below, and we try to resolve them for you.

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