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How to Increase Battery Life on Xiaomi Mi 5 – Best 8 Tips



Xiaomi is slowly heading upwards to stay at the top among the Android-device manufacturers. With strategical launches and by embedding the latest technologies in their products, Xiaomi is fighting hard to become the top manufacturer. We have seen the recent launch and success of Redmi Note 3, and now the company is gearing up with the launch of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi 5 is coming as the successor of Xiaomi Mi 4 and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and MIUI 7.0 version. Before its release, few people managed to get it hands-on and experienced the functionality of the device which is said to be smooth. In here, we would like to share the tips to increase the battery life on Xiaomi Mi 5.

Disable Performance Mode

Performance mode on your Mi 5 device will speed up the functionality of the phone but at the same time, it drains the battery faster. So, the users who need more battery life should not enable the performance mode. By default, the performance mode should be disabled and you can check that under ‘Settings>Additional Settings>Battery & performance>Power Settings.’ The balanced mode should be enabled here and in case, the performance mode is enabled, then change it back to Balanced by tapping on the same. By doing this, the device utilizes the power in a mean way, and you can experience the better battery life.

Limit Background Process

In MIUI 7, you have got an option to limit manually the background processes which in turn can help in increasing the battery life of the phone. You can find this option under the developer options. By default, users can’t access these options and should we need to enable them. Open ‘Settings>About Phone>’ and tap few times on ‘Build Number’ until it enables ‘Developer Options’. Once enabled, you can check the same under ‘Settings>Additional Settings.’

Now, open the options and scroll down to find ‘Background process limit.’ In here you can set the limit of processes that can run in the background. So, tap on your desired option and increase the battery life of your new Mi 5 smartphone.

Disable Auto-updates for apps

Another thing which might consume more battery on the Android device is auto-updating of apps. Without the user opinion, the apps get updated whenever you are connected to the internet and due to this, the battery can drain faster than usual. So, we recommend updating the apps manually by you instead of auto-option. So, disable the auto-update option for the apps by visiting each app and make the habit of manually updating the desired apps.

Uninstall Apps

In every Android device, bloatware exists as the phone comes with few pre-installed apps. Out of all the preinstalled apps, some apps will be useless, and they simply drain the battery of the device. So, we advise you to uninstall all the pre-installed apps from the device and if you cannot find an option to uninstall then try to disable them. Also, check all the apps in the device that are installed by you as some of them will be unnecessary.
Now, uninstall all the useless apps from the device so as to keep the battery and device safe.

Disable Connections

The battery gets drained mostly due to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data connections. But in fact, all these connections were not useful all the time. So, whenever you have no use of them, disable the connections. Also, while traveling or whenever you are in a low-network coverage area, try not to use the data connection until necessary as it will consume the battery very fast.

Avoid Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets may perform a certain task for the users, but they also cost your battery life. So, if you concerned about the battery life, then you have to remove the widgets from your phone and use only one or two if at all you need them.

On the other hand, Live Wallpapers will also drain the battery faster as it uses internet connection. So, instead of live wallpapers try to use normal screensavers and wallpapers which enhance the look of your display. By doing this, you can help yourself to increase the battery life on the new Mi 5 smartphone.

Adjust Settings Manually

There are few options in the Android, which you can adjust manually which in turn helps in increasing the battery life. Try to adjust the brightness of the screen manually instead of auto-option. If you opt for automatic adjustment, then it utilizes more power from the battery. So, you can easily avoid that by managing the adjustment by yourself. Try to adjust the brightness as per the environment. Also, remove the auto option for rotation as that can be manually adjusted by you whenever required. If auto-option is enabled, then it unnecessarily changes the position of the screen even when the user has no use of it.

Disable Location

Another task which helps you in increasing your battery life is disabling GPS/Location. In fact, the GPS can be useful for various purposes but after the usage, you need to turn it off. Many users forget to disable the GPS after the usage due to which it consumes the battery life in the background. So, we advise you to disable the location on the device and turn it on only when necessary.

Other Tips

Apart from the above tips, you can take few precautions so as to increase the battery life of your Mi 5 device. Always use original battery chargers while charging the device as duplicate chargers will discharge the battery faster. Never perform multi-tasking on the phone (opening several apps at a time) as it may result in hanging/freezing of the phone. Constantly, check for the software updates under ‘Settings>About phone>System Updates’ and install it on the device. These updates contain fixes for minor bugs and enhancements for the device performance. Also, turn off the device whenever there is no network as it can increase the battery life.

In case, if you are facing any issue related to battery-draining on your Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone, you can write us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve it for you.

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