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Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Radiation Level is Twice the Federal Safety Limits – Study Claims



According to a study commissioned by Penumbra Brands, it is found out that the radiation emitted from the iPhone 11 Pro is more than the Federal Safety Limits which is dangerous to consumers. The results tabulated by RF Exposure Lab has revealed that the radiation from Apple’s flagship smartphone is more than twice the safety limit.

Well, this is something very serious considering the amount of damage it causes to the users and when the test was performed with the iPhone 11 Pro located around 5mm away from a mannequin. The RF Exposure Lab noted that radiation exposure can be more pronounced if the phone is in the user’s pocket.

In a press release, Penumbra Brands CTO – Ryan McCaughey has said that Cellphone users should be concerned about exposure to RF radiation. The testing shows the iPhone 11 Pro potentially exposes people to more than double of what FCC has considered safe. Penumbra Brands sell the Gadget Guard cases with alarm technology which are used for iPhones.

This warning by the company against the iPhone 11 Pro radiation could be because they want to sell the iPhone case to protect yourself from the radiation. A similar kind of study was done by Chicago Tribune last year and found that Apple’s iPhone 7 radiation levels were more than the limit. Later Apple provided the FCC with few iPhones models for testing and it was found that iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 emitted radiation less than the federal limit for RF radiation.

Furthermore, Penumbra Brands has challenged the FCC report to extend that its own testing used off-the-shelf iPhone models while the FCC has tested used iPhones that were supplied by Apple. What do you think about these claims on Apple iPhone 11 Pro? Will you be using the phone even if the RF levels are beyond the Federal Safety limits? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.



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