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Last week, when Tim Cook unveiled more information about their first smartwatch it was something purely new for the company, and fans of its products. Some of those fans might have been satisfied with the pricing and further specs revelation while most may not be in conjunction with both. So, to ease those minds we have put together some facts or say FAQs that you should know about the Apple Watch.

Is the Apple Watch Waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof, has a rating of IPX7 under IEC standard, meaning it is water resistance and can be worn during rain, as well as doing any physical activities that would lead to you sweating. It is not recommended to be used during showering or even swimming. It will survive in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. You can ask for more than that, although, it should be enough.

What is the Battery life of the Apple Watch?

Well, this is the most talked about feature of the Watch, which is all because of its only 18 hours of promised battery life. For most of the smartwatch users, it isn’t even par with the current generation of smartwatch, may it be Samsung’s Tizen watches or any Android Wear Smartwatches. They have been claimed to have at least a 24-hour battery life while the battery rating has been disclosed by most of the manufacturers; Apple hasn’t stated about it. Though, company, does break down the 18 hours battery life claim like this; 90-time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes non-stop app usage and 30-minute workout while playing music from the watch.

Why are there too many multiple models of the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Edition - 38mm 18-carat

We have noticed that Apple doesn’t provide too many choices; it’s consumers have complained time-to-time about how little options it gives to its customers when it comes to customization. With Apple Watch company tried to do right, but instead they ended up complicating the stuff, which is what the word is going on in the Apple arena. But that should be counted as a plus point only while the pricing, on the other hand, isn’t totally affordable. To cut short, by offering different size and band choices, company realized that the personal device wasn’t personal at all. As one size doesn’t fit all. We have made a list of models with pricing for Apple Watch, get a look at it.

Can you Go Solo with Apple Watch?

To do few things, you would need an active internet connection, which means the Watch needs to tether to your iPhone. While there are few things, that can be done with the smartphone being its companion, and they are primarily offline things. It includes playing music that you’ve stored locally, and can stream to another Bluetooth device. For instance, when you are going to jog, you can connect your Bluetooth headset to the Apple Watch.

Currently, where I can purchase this Apple Watch?

The most expensive smartwatch from Apple doesn’t hit stores till the April 24th, but you can pre-order starting from April 10th only. The initial rollout will be in the nine countries only which includes three Asian countries, China, Japan and Hong Kong. Other six countries are US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France. Though, you can expect it to roll out in other countries soon after it goes on sale. There is a high probability that Apple products users in India, Singapore, as well as Malaysia may get opportunity to purchase the device soon.

Apple Watch can Act as Remote?

Apple Watch - 42mm and 38mm

Yes, and it does connect to your Apple TV or even iTunes on your desktop. All this is done by a familiar app called Remote, which also extends the functionality as a viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera. Just set you iPhone and sit down with your group or get a solo shot perfectly. You can get the preview right from your watch, and shoot from there only by just tapping on it. Accompanying is the Continuity feature, which lets you start something on your Apple device, and you can then continue right from there, it’s pretty incredible and convenient too.

Does Apple Watch have Taptic engine?

Yes, it packs a taptic engine, which is a feedback engine and can alert you with simple information, without a screen ON. You read that right. For example, you can get walking direction via vibrations to indicate left and right turns. Or else your friend or family member can send you vibration to tell that they’re waiting for you. As well as you can send the heartbeats too, and let your loved ones know that you are okay.

Will Apple Watch support third-party apps?

This is a very interesting question, and there is simple answer for that, yes it will support third-party apps, and have already released a Watchkit SDK, which would help organizations like Twitter, Instagram, Uber, etc. come up with dedicated Apple Watch apps. While there are Indie iOS developers, that make use of that SDK and are developing apps without even using the Apple Watch.

Will the Apple Watch useful for Left-hand users?

Apple Watch

The Cupertino company demoed the Apple watch primarily on the left arm, which is where most of the right handed people wear their watch. But for left-hand users, they like to prefer right hand when wearing a watch. Interestingly, there would be a way to rotate the display, as well as switch the straps to make it comfortable.

How will it secure the Apple Pay transactions if there is no Touch ID?

While there may not be the Touch ID feature on the Apple Watch, which is a wise choice by the company, and a smarter move to use the skin contact as the first process of authentication. The verification will work like this, first you have to enter a verification while wearing the watch, once done, you won’t be required to enter the details again. Your skin will be the authentication that onwards.

Can you swap the bands on the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch - Stainless Steel

Yes, the Apple Watch allows you to swap the bands. But remember, it doesn’t support the standard 24mm bands, though, rather have two specific set of sizes; 38mm and 42mm. Company offers six bands and with different editions, you can mix and customize according to needs. You can experiment with the looks as long as the band watch are of the same size. And if you’re interested in the third-party bands that are more affordable than what Apple is offering, then you should head over to our post, where we have listed all the amazing affordable bands for Apple Watch.

Which iPhone series is supported by Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is not a standalone device, it needs an iPhone to pair with, and then only you would be to use the device. But remember, it doesn’t have to be the new iPhone 6 or the bendable iPhone 6 plus. The device would work just fine with iPhone 5, 5s, or even with a 5c.

What sensors are packed inside the Apple Watch?

Company says that their smartwatch comes with a couple of different sensors, which includes gyroscope and an accelerometer. Additionally, it comes with a custom sensor which would use visible light and infrared LEDs along with photodiodes. It is all present on the back of the device. The Watch can communicate with your iPhone’s GPS as well as Wi-Fi, which would help in figuring out the location and other information.

How many accessory are there for the Apple Watch?

Since, the Apple Watch is scheduled to go on sale on April 24, you can’t expect organizations to come up with accessories without even using a having a product with them. Well, we live in 21st century, there are things that are possible with 3D printing and design softwares, all you need is creativity. So, manufacturers around the world have already put together an idea and prototypes for the Apple Watch accessories. Currently they are in a crowd funding stage, well most of it, while some organizations would be ready to ship the products once Apple Watch starts selling later in April. We have put together the list of best accessories you can get for Apple Watch, as well as we will keep you updated.


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