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Misfit Launches BaubleBar Helena Necklace & Helena Bracelet for Fitness Tracking



Misfit, the brand known for its high quality affordable fitness trackers, has launched a collection of stylish accessories for its Misfit Flash fitness tracker. In partnership with BaubleBar, an online fashion jewelry retailer, the wearables company has come up with a Necklace and a Bracelet that could house the tiny fitness tracker inside them.

The wearables market has been seeing a lot of crowd since last two years. This year we saw a lot of accessories line up being launched for fitness trackers, it can be stated as the step towards more focus to the needs of women who wants to step out in style with their fitness trackers. One such example is the Polar Look Crystal that was launched with 30 Swarovski Crystals at $159.90 earlier this month.

The Helena Necklace for Misfit Flash is designed perfectly in a modern fashion but yet imitate a vintage inspired look. Featuring an oval link chain, this is a 32-inch for the necklace and 6-inch for the bracelet. Although, the company claims they’re smarter than your average stunning jewelry. The lockets on both Necklace and Bracelet are similar in size and they both open to reveal a perfectly size compartment for the Flash fitness tracker, the sleek wearable fitness easily.

To remind you Misfit Flash tracks your activity and sleep levels including the calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled, and the sleep quantity and quality. These accessories are no waterproof, unlike the fitness tracker itself is. You will have to style down if you’re going for a swim or even a workout. Clip the Flash into the activity clasp or sports bracelet it comes with so that you can wear it anywhere. And it doesn’t need charging for the much distant time in future.

The interesting part is that they both are priced at similar price points of $69.99, so you can either choose to buy the Helena Necklace or Bracelet or maybe both. Do make a note that this pricing includes one accessory (Necklace or Bracelet), Misfit Flash + Sleep Monitor in Fuschia, Misfit Sports Band in Fuschia and an activity clasp if you decided to wear it on your waist, wrist, sleeve, or put it on your shoe, bag or anything else. These BaubleBar accessories with Misfit Flash would be exclusively available at Target stores online and offline starting November 29.


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