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Apple in talks with MediaTek for wireless charging chips in upcoming iPhone accessories



iPhone7 Wireless Charging

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus is all set to be unveiled tomorrow at an event in San Francisco. It is expected that these two devices are going to come with a bunch of new features. However, wireless charging is not going to be one of them, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean you are completely out of luck here. It is reported that the company is going to launch a handful of accessories for the smartphone like a case with wireless charging capability. According to new reports, Apple has requested wireless charging chips samples from Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing company, MediaTek.

It looks like the company is looking to create wireless charging peripherals for the iPhone, such as cases and other accessories. This could potentially open up various different opportunities as far as the devices are concerned. MediaTek’s wireless charging system supports multi-mode wireless charging at the receiver end. It uses a single coil, single matching network and a single IC to receive charge based on all of the currently accepted standards which includes Qi, A4WP Rezence or PMA This solution will allow manufacturers like Apple, implement wireless charging in their devices without any concerns.

Also, interestingly the A4WP resonant charging standard allows for supporting various different form factors as well. It also features an ability for charging at a distance, which can allow the user to charge the device when kept at a certain vicinity. Even multiple devices can be charged using this method. The wireless chargers that are currently available for iPhones adopt the Qi and PMA standards. Maybe this time, we may see some different type of chargers for the iPhones, with an ability to charge them from a distance etc. So we have to and see what the company is planning here for the upcoming iPhones. Stay tuned to Phone Radar for more detailed info on this.


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