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Third Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blast in Australia Left Owner with Minor Injuries



Samsung has voluntarily called off the current stock of Galaxy Note 7 sales, and the company is also replacing all the 2.5 million handsets sold in the first two weeks. This total replacement process is estimated to cost one billion dollars though there is no official information about it. Samsung in its official statement mentioned that a total of 35 cases are reported globally and today’s Galaxy Note 7 explosion in Australia will be the 36th incident.

Though the Galaxy Note 7 sales are now stopped everywhere except in China, where the devices came with batteries from a different supplier. Earlier to this incident, we have reported about two explosions of the Galaxy Note 7 while charging that too with the official charger. All the 2.5 million devices will be replaced once the stock arrives and till then the ask not use any of the Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note Blast Australia1

In case if you are using the device with the new Gear VR, Oculus has issued a message on its official website saying not to use Galaxy Note 7 with Gear VR until the current device is replaced. The user from Australia has posted the images of the aftermath where we can see the black ashes on the bed. Never keep the charging device near to you while sleeping and also don’t place near to any object that can easily catch fire.

While in the first two incidents, none of the users are injured, but in this case, the user’s finger was said to be burned. Recently in India, the Reliance’s smartphone brand LYF’s Water 1 smartphone was exploded when the user was browsing the internet, that too without charging. In the countries where the device is yet to made available, the availability dates are postponed.

Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the most popular device in the first half 2016 and the second half, the Galaxy Note 7 also received the similar praise. Though everything came out good apart from the higher pricing, the series of explosions will make the consumer fear to buy the Galaxy Note 7. All this happened at the time of Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch event. We expect the most of the user t pre-ordered or willing to purchase the device will now shift toward either of the new iPhones.


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