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Apple releases iOS 10 Beta 7 update for Developers – Download & Install



Apple announced the latest version of iOS, which is the iOS 10 back in the month of June at the WWDC event. Since then the company has been pushing a lot of beta releases for the OS. With the official launch set for this fall, till now we have seen seven beta releases for the same and he seventh one being the most recent one. These beta updates are available for both Developers as well as public beta testers. So if you wish to get your hands on this, then apply for the beta testing program now and get started.

As far as the stability of the OS is concerned, it is still far from perfect but it is way better than the initial few releases. There are a lot of bugs so it is advised to update only in a secondary smartphone as it is not ready for daily use. With each new update, Apple is trying to push something new and this time, also we have a handful of new features. Note that few of these will not work as intended since it is still in beta stage.

One of the major updates here is the new Siri integration. Siri will now work with a majority of third-party applications like WhatsApp as well. Apart from that, another noteworthy addition is the newly redesigned lock screen. The lock screen now shows small live widgets as well. Also, the new Photos app has been updated with a new facial recognition, deep learning categorization and intelligent photo albums. Other apps which received updates include Apple Maps, Apple Music and Homekit.

How to Install –

If you have signed up for the beta testing and if you wish to update your smartphone to this new beta release, then all you have to do is go to settings and search for updates. If you have not applied for the beta testing, then check out our tutorial for the installing the iOS 10 beta. Once you get the update, then proceed with downloading it and installing it on your device. Do make a note that this is not the final version and hence it will have a lot of bugs. So it is advised to install this update on your secondary device only. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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