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Huawei developing its own AI Assistant to go with its smartphones in China



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One of the trends which we expect to see in the smartphone of 2017 apart from the bezel-less displays is the Virtual Assistant. Apple was the first one to pioneer this concept of having a virtual assistant in a meaningful way with Siri for the iPhones, iPods & iPads. Eventually, the Siri is now available on macOS as well. However, Google is also doing a great job now with its Google Assistant which unfortunately is only available on Pixel smartphones as of now. While we are seeing a lot of rumors about the assistant rolling out for Android devices as well, Huawei seems to have different plans.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is apparently getting ready to be added to the list of companies with their own virtual assistant. It has been reported that the company is having over 100 engineers working on the project. Huawei is planning on using its new AI virtual assistant dubbed as Huawei Assistant in China. The details on this alleged new Virtual Assistant is scarce at the moment, but it surely looks like we will see something from the company here in near Future. However, it looks like this Assistant will be limited to China only.

Most of the integrated apps that are pre-installed in the Android smartphones are blocked in China and hence we might be seeing something new here from Huawei themselves. However, if you are wondering about the rest of the Huawei smartphone overseas, Huawei seems to be planning on fitting them with Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Do make a note that none of this info is confirmed just yet officially by the company, but still it looks like a great move so that they can gain an edge over their competitors in China.

Talking about manufacturers having its own AI Assistant, Samsung is also expected to announce its new AI, the Bixby. We also have the logo in place and now it is just the matter of the official announcement from the company. Having said that, it is going to be very interesting to see what we have with is over the next couple of months as there are going to be a ton of great options. Let us know, what do you think about the different virtual assistants and if you would be interested in trying out different options.


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