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Apple iPhone 8 with Wireless Charging & Edge-to-edge display looks Amazing



Now that the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus are officially available in stores now you can go and check out the device and decide for yourself if you want to purchase the device or not. For all those who managed to purchase one, great job. But if you have decided to wait for another year and get the next iPhone i.e. the iPhone 8, then we may have something for you which might interest you. We have some of the interesting rumours about the next iPhone which will make you want to start saving some money.

To start things off, if you are not a big fan of metal phones, then this is the one to look out for. An all-glass iPhone 8. How does that sound? Well, this might be coming next year as the patent filed by Apple for a ‘glass enclosure’ got approved one day before the iPhone 7 launch. That is just in time for the new ones, right? The patent defines the ‘glass enclosure’ as a handheld computing device that would include structural walls of the transparent glass enclosure. This will be radio transparent, and a laser frit bonding process may be used to seal the glass together. This will essentially create a water resistant enclosure as well.

apple-watch-series-2Apart from that if the glass is not your thing, then what about a ceramic phone? Even this seems to be possible now after the Apple watch series 2. Ceramic is four times harder than metal phones and honestly, would look a lot better than the current metal ones. Yes, indeed it will be a huge leap in the world of smartphones to make a ceramic phone, but we are certain that Apple is capable of making it happen. If not all the iPhone variants will be ceramic, we believe at least one of the variant would be a ceramic one. Apple iPhone 8 Editions anyone?

Another interesting thing would be to have an edge-to-edge display. We have a bunch of them now, and we certainly see a lot more of them in the future, no doubt about it. And now that Apple has decided to get onboard with others as they also launched a dual rear camera now, it is expected that they will also include this as an option. And it is not that we are hearing about an edge-to-edge display on an iPhone rumour for the first time. These rumours have been there since 2015, and it would be nice to see if Apple finally decides to make it happen.

And talking about some features, we can’t miss out on wireless charging. Now that they have also decided to remove the headphone jack, it should definitely be added as a feature now. There are reports that Apple might take it a step further and come up with something even better than just wireless charging. We are not sure as to what we will be able to see here, but it would be nice to see this as an addition. And as far as other specs go, yet again there will be another new SoC here, which will probably be the A11 chip.

Digging deep on these rumours, we also see some reference to a possibility of adding a digital crown. But it is highly unlikely that Apple will include this and end up making a joke out of themselves. We all know that this is unnecessary to have a digital crown when you have such a huge display on the front. So let’s go easy on this one. However, do make a note that all these are the just initial set of rumours, and none of these is confirmed. So we suggest you to sit back and enjoy these while you wait for the next one.


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