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Is the Apple iPhone 7 really worth the upgrade over iPhone 6s?



Last Night (According to IST), Apple announced their latest products line-up, i.e. Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. While Apple fanboys loved the Wireless Airpod and other Apple accessories announce at the launch event held in San Francisco, everybody had one question, whether the new iPhone 7 would be a good upgrade over iPhone 6s or not.

And to answer that question we would like to take you on a tour de iPhone, which is basically an honest comparison between the current and the older iPhone iteration. Based on the specifications and the facts that are significant when upgrading to the new handset.

Below you can find the answer to the question: Is the Apple iPhone 7 really worth the upgrade over iPhone 6s?


Foremost changes that can be seen are in the colours as the new iPhone 7 would be available in certain new colours such as a new black and a jet black finish. Compared to the iPhone 6S, which introduced the Rose Gold finish, the new iPhone 7 Jet Black seems to be quite stunning. Though, do make a note that Apple has issued a statement that the Jet Black finish is prone to scratches, and you would have to use a case for it. Which means you wouldn’t be able to flaunt it your new iPhone as you expected. Despite that company has been touting that it’s iPhone 7 is rated with IP67 certification, which makes it a water resistant as well as dust resistant too.


There is also a new and improved Home Button that brand has touted on stage during the launch event. While comparing it with iPhone 6S, which doesn’t have the waterproof rating or the new jet black finish. But they indeed look more or less same. As ports placement, volume rocker keys and the buttons has been placed on same places. Except the fact that Apple has removed 3.5mm Audio Jack we believe there is not much changed in the looks section.


The screen is still sized at 4.7-inch, and it still has the 1334 x 750 pixels resolution. There are not many changes done except for company touting the Wide Color Gamut, which is set to deliver the cinema-standard colours. The best colour management system in the smartphone industry as per the company. There is, of course, the 3D Touch facility, which was first introduced on iPhone 6S. Apart from Wide Color Gamut feature, there is not much done for improving the display quality on the hardware terms.


The brand is known to endorse their new iPhones by comparing them with old models. Which is the reason that many Apple users get sold on the idea of new chipset being powerful than their old model. While it is an admirable job that Apple does even with low RAM and lower cores as they have a closed system. So, the performance and efficiency is easily manageable. On the new iPhone 7, you get A10 Fusion chipset, which is powered by a Quad-core processor unlike A9 Chipset on iPhone 6S, which is a Dual-core processor.


The four cores mean, two cores works as the high-performance cores and remaining two cores as high-efficiency cores. The Apple’s new performance controller, it identifies which cores are required to be used. Additionally, the GPU performance of the system is touted to be quite faster than the old model. There are 3.3 Billion transistors at work when the tasks are being carried out on iPhone 7.


The software experience should be quite similar on both of these handsets as iOS 10 would be shipping soon to iPhone 6S and other iPhone models as well. Despite iPhone 6 being discontinued, it would have iOS 10 support. The new iPhone 7 is going on preorder from September 9, and it would be shipping from September 16th starting with select countries. Later it would be expanded, of course. But the here is that these two iPhones, the latest version and a one-year-old mode, they both would have similar software experiences. Except for some hardware specific features, the iPhone 6S users won’t be missing much once they update to iOS 10.


It was last year only when the company upgraded the camera setup to 12MP on the iPhone 6S. This year, the brand hasn’t changed the MegaPixel count, but it has indeed introduced an all new camera sensor, which has an aperture number of f/1.8 compared to f/2.2 on the older model. On top of that, there is an introduction of Quad-LED (dual tone) flashlight, which is said to offer the brightest flashlight ever on an iPhone. While there is a dual-LED setup on iPhone 6S.


There is no doubt that iPhone 6S was one of the benchmarks in the camera improvements over the course of Apple iPhone’s history. While iPhone 7’s camera may not be called as a major improvement, but it is indeed a welcome change. Talking about the front-facing camera, well, it is upgraded to 7MP, which is an upgrade from 5MP. The camera that is popularly known as FaceTime Camera on iPhone. Though, it still has a f/2.2 aperture number, which is same as older model’s FaceTime Camera. Moreover, these both handsets have 4K video recording modes; it was introduced with iPhone 6S.


This is the consistent part of the Apple, as company usually price there models every year at the same pricing. Meaning last year’s iPhone 6S was priced at $649, which is now reduced to $549 as the new iPhone 7 takes its place. If you’re not aware of the Apple Upgrade plan, well, then users who have opted for this service are eligible to get new iPhone every year when the company announces the new product line-up.


Now comes the part where we have decided certain points of advice to give for making a decision of upgrading to new iPhone 7 or not. Well, if you are really looking for upgrading the camera gear on your iPhone, then you can consider buying the new iPhone 7. Additionally, you will be getting a handset with the iP67 rating, which makes it water and dust resistant. It would be worth it if you’re looking forward to such features and willing to take out that much cash for a new upgrade. While if you were on iPhone 6, then this is surely a great upgrade that you shouldn’t wait anymore.


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