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3 Ways Apple missed the Mark with iPhone 7, 7 Plus Smartphones



Apple made their new iPhones i.e. the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus official today, and we finally have all the details about the device. So it now time to put all the speculations and rumours out of the way. But now that these new devices are official, we will now see a bunch of comparisons of the new iPhones with the Android competitions. But we decided to do all the analysing for you and save you a tonne of time. So here are the reasons why we think Apple’s new iPhones are falling straight up on their face when compared to an Android device.


When we talk about the displays on these new iPhones, one thing you will immediately notice is that these displays are exactly the same as what we saw with the previous year’s devices. From display size to their resolution, everything is the same. So now when you compare it with any of the recently launched Android devices, you will find a significant difference. Let’s take LG V20 for example, which the company launched earlier today. It has a QuadHD display with absolutely beautiful viewing angles. Now when you compare them, hands down the iPhone falls down on their face. So when you say, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, you should at least make sure that it’s not broke.



One thing to appreciate about the new iPhones is that we now have 32GB as the base configuration. Yes, thank you Apple, we really appreciate that. But this doesn’t make us happy. Why? Well, when you are buying a smartphone which is costing more than $699, we at least expect some storage to work with. Many Android smartphones support microSD card expandability up to 1TB. HTC 10, is one of them. And now when you talk about the new iPhones, you don’t even get microSD card expandability option. Yes, it does comes with the new 256GB option, but most of the people will skip that for obvious reasons which are the price. It would be a fair game if the company would actually give us 32GB as the only option and give us an expandable option. But as of now this is what we have and there is nothing we can do about it.

Thinner is not always better

The new iPhones are significantly thinner and look stunning, no doubt about that. When you compare it with any other Android smartphone like the Galaxy Note 7, the chances are that you will prefer the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus for its looks. But it does come with a set of disadvantages. In terms of the new iPhones, the thinner design is achieved by compromising the battery. The battery used in the new iPhones are comparatively of less capacity than many of the Android competitions. We are not going deep into the numbers now as we all know what we are dealing with here. We as consumers don’t mind a slightly thicker phone with a better battery inside.


Another noteworthy point here that we should not forget is about the battery and wireless charging. Samsung has implemented the wireless charging on their Galaxy smartphones for quite some time now. And if you have ever used it before, then you would understand how difficult it is to go back to the regular chargers after that. iPhones do have a couple of third-party cases that enable the wireless charging feature, but it is sad to that users have to buy a third-party case to have a feature, which should be readily available in the phone for the price at which it retails.

Do make a note that, iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus that launched today are not bad phones by any means. They are a stunning piece of hardware by the company. But when you start comparing these devices side by side, these are the points worth considering. Let us know what do you think about the new iPhones and if you are planning to pick one up. Stay tuned for more coverage from the latest devices.


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