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Apple iPhone 6 bursts suddenly into 8″ Fire mid-flight to Hawaii



iPhone 6

The reason i don’t like iPhone is it heats up a lot. If you think heating of the device is an issue, then I say it a big issue. Let me tell you about a small incident that took place in flight which was travelling from Bellingham, Washington to Hawaii with Alaska Air on 19th March, where a passengers iphone 6 caught fire while she was watching a movie on her device. In the conversation with the KomoNews, Crail said,”When it started she thought that the plane has caught fire, but she then realized that it was her phone which exactly caught an 8-inch flame. Once she saw flames on her device, she threw the phone on the ground, and the phone slipped to some other seats and flames got higher, due to this the co-passengers stood up from their seats.” Later the situation was handled by the crew on the Plane.

When the fire was caught the plane was about 90 minutes from Honolulu, over the Pacific Ocean and was carrying about 163 passengers. The crew people on the plane are trained in such a way that they managed the situation and quickly put off the fire. The aviation experts stated that the most of the Airlines have banned the hoverboards because of the fire danger, but unluckily this thing has happened with a cell phone. It is always recommended to the passengers travelling in flight to keep their smartphones in flight mode or switch it off while they are travelling on a flight.


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