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Twitter India creates Dashboard for Bengaluru Police to Monitor Complaints in Tweets



With a rapid growing and enduring technology, we entered into a digital era where almost everything has become online. Even the judicial and administrative systems are accepting the advancement of technologies by implementing several online strategies. Recently we have seen the distribution of 1390 smartphones to the Bihar Police in India for monitoring the social media activities.

Now, its turn of Bengaluru Police to monitor the complaints in Twitter. Last year, Bengaluru police initiated their preliminary operations on Twitter by opening an account. And now, they have managed to enrich the Twitter handle with a specially designed Twitter Dashboard. The dashboard has been designed and crafted by the Twitter India using which the police can easily monitor the complaints.

The interface of the dashboard allows the social media control room to monitor all the complaints received from the public in an effective manner. As for now, it can serve over 146 police and 42 traffic stations in the Bengaluru city. All the police officials involved in the social media monitoring have undergone the 3-day training by Twitter India.

Praising the use of technology by Twitter India, DCP (Command Control) MG Nagendra Kumar stated that with the advancement of the new dashboard, we can now easily forward the complaint to the specific police station. Also, the date and time of the complaint will be monitored along with the time taken for action on the complaint. It is also heard that strict regulations have been passed to police officials upon monitoring the complaints via Twitter dashboard as it will be considered in their promotions.

So, this seems to be a good step taken by the Bengaluru police in collaboration with the Twitter India. Now that, the police has reached next level in effectively monitoring and handling the complaints. We have already been through the Bengaluru police accepting the complaints on Whatsapp and now with this new Twitter dashboard, it has been proved that the police are more engaged in accepting the advanced technology.


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