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What is iCloud Drive from Apple? Features and Pricing Detailed



iOS 8 iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is the file sharing system which was announced by Apple, alongside the iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite at the WWDC 2014 event. The iCloud Drive will let you store and share files and other documents in the Cloud.

iCloud Drive will be competing with Google Drive in terms of storing and the ability to share and edit files and documents with other users and across various platforms, and the competition against Dropbox would be – helping users store data on the cloud and the pricing for the Cloud Space.

iCloud Photo Library

With iCloud Photo Library Apple states that you can always have access to your photos and videos ever taken with the help of iCloud storage, we can store all the photos and videos taken on our device in iCloud and not store them on our iPhone or iPad and use up space and it goes by saying “Fill up your library, not your device”. Your photos and videos resolutions in their original formats and also RAW files will not be altered with and also get light weight versions of the files fit for each type of device. All these files can be downloaded through your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even on web from your laptop or PC.

You have to option to store photos in an order sorted as you wish like Moments, collections and years and you can also create custom albums, mark some photos as favorites and all you have to do is drag and drop all the files into your desired custom order which can only be done through iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices. You can also edit your photos all in the Photo Library and save the changes and later on if you wish to revert back the changes the edit can be undone and you can get back the original file.

Work across all Apps at once

With iCloud Drive you can work on any file across all apps without having to save and create another file to work with another app. you have to first store or upload your files to iCloud by dragging them using OS X or Windows 8 or you can just start a new document directly in iCloud Drive.

Once you start editing a document or file in one app when you open the same file in any of the other apps like paint app, presentation app an Sketchbook etc. You can easily work across multiple apps to create a file like makes changes by drawing something using the Paint app and immediately if you want to create and table or chart go to the presentation app and start doing it as the changes will be saved across all apps and you do not need to save each time a change is made. not just Apps but you can work across other devices as well like start making a file from your iPhone and you can make changes from your iPad, Mac or iPod as well.

Family Sharing

As the name suggests you can share all the content in iCloud Drive with all your family members and also see what they have got in store with the help of Family Sharing App in iCloud. With Family Sharing you will be sharing not just files stored on iCloud but also Share purchased music, movies, apps and books in iTunes, share photos and videos in a family photo stream, share your location with your family members all the time to keep track and many more features.

Once you have added any user as your family you can access each other’s music, movie, books, TV shoes and Apps and also you can easily download all these to your device anytime you want without having to login or share your Apple ID and Password. So as a family you will be spending less and saving more together as you will be sharing.

With Family Sharing all your family members can contribute to making the family Photo album more exiting by adding photos, videos and also comments on photos and videos and as a change is done by someone it will be updated on all family members devices. So you can be in touch of what each of your family member is up to without calling them.

Being a Family is making time to spend with each other and Family sharing does just that, by allowing every one of your family to contribute by sharing a Calendar and by adding or editing all events to the family calendar. You can create reminders to appear on every members device and make plans and everyone will be informed and can share and make the required changes accordingly. This is a great and amazing feature which will surely bring together all the family and bonds which are increasing day by day.

iCloud Drive

Know and Track where your Family is

With the help of Family Sharing you can easily keep track on all your other family members devices, you can see if your kids are at school, if your kids are in the play ground, you can see where your brother is when he said he will be there in 5 minutes some 1 hour ago and you can track all devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even Mac book. You can also track any lost devices of your family on the map or you can find your device which you might have misplaced in your house if it is in silent by using the Find my iPhone app. And in case you don’t want to be always spied by your family you can always turn the Sharing off to prevent sharing your location.

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Keep a tab on Purchases on your Family’s Apple devices

You can keep a track on what your kids or your family is buying and also use just one credit card to pay for all the purchases. With the help of Family Sharing you can control the purchases and also look like the good guy, with this you can make the devices of your family to take permission before buying by Enabling the “Ask to Buy” option which will be useful for iTunes, iBooks and App’s purchases as well.

When your kid is scrolling through iTunes and plans to buy a Game or App they will be getting a notifications saying “Ask permission” which will send a request to buy this app to the parent, and the parent will get a “Request from your kid” asking your permission to go ahead with the purchase or not. So you can accept or decline it directly from your device.

With all these great upgrades from the previous iCloud and iWork apps, iCloud Drive is a great addition which will surely give tough competition to Google Drive and Dropbox and with this introduction we surely wish that the cloud storage platform gets going and gets cheaper as well.

Prices for Apple’s iCloud Drive Storage

We will be getting 5GB of storage space free with every iCloud Account and for additional storage space we have to pay additional charges.

  • 20 GB Storage space: $0.99 /mo
  • 200 GB Storage space: $3.99 /mo

The full details of pricing are yet to be released and we will get to know the complete details once iCloud Drive comes into action this fall.

~ Inputs by Varun Pandula

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