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10 Answers We Need to Know about #Freedom251 SmartPhone from the Brand



The last two days have been hectic and they are not for the Mobile World Congress but a news that’s on everyones timeline. It is about the Freedom 251 Smartphone that was launched at a price of below $4. Now the website is also taking up orders but almost no one is able to make an order and consumers are just waiting for the official answers. We have a few questions to the brand and have already emailed the PR Agency and the brand for the answers. We will keep you posted once we have an answer from them.

How to Book/Buy Ringing Bells Freedom 251 at Rs.251

  1. Is the Phone actually subsidised by the govt? Based on the specifications, the Phone should cost at least Rs 1000 on a heavy volume order
  2. The website was registered a week back, while there’s no official mention about the product on their official website.
  3. The founders come with a background of agricultural business with almost no contacts or history in the Mobile Industry.
  4. The device is a rebranded Adcom Ikon 4 Smart Phone that is already listed on Flipkart & Amazon, while the Adcom brand mentions that they have no information on the same.
  5. Why was the Photo on the Newspaper different from the ones that were posted on the official website.
  6. Why was the phone not listed on any major E-commerce site like Flipkart or Amazon along with Paytm as a Payment processor. Instead of this, the slow cc avenue has been used that not working for most.
  7. The Phone has been launched under the Make in India program, but we have no information about the factory, manufacturing process nor information on where the Assembly Unit is.
  8. The Phone Icons are clearly resembling the Apple iPhone i.e. the ones we see on iOS, which is a copyright infringement. What is the agreement here?
  9. Why was the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar not at the launch, though there was a huge amount of confidence built between the consumers on the news that he was going to join at the event.
  10. The device does not have any BIS Certifications, how do you guarantee the safety of the buyers in case of any major issues?

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