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Beware before Ordering Ringing Bells Smart 101 or Freedom 251 Smart Phone



Ringing Bells Smartphone

Today a new brand has been all over the web, primarily for the most interesting story which is the budget smartphone launch in India. This is also speculated to be under the “Make in India” program to ensure different manufacturers adopt to this regime and bring more jobs in India. All this is good but there are a few things that are still not clear and which is the reason I would recommend you to better wait for a few days before ordering the devices.

How to Book/Buy Ringing Bells Freedom 251 at Rs.251

While going through a few websites that had mentioned about the Ringing Bells Smart 101, I found that there are hundreds of consumers who have ordered the phones, while none of them have actually received the devices. Forget the devices, even no one have received an order confirmation which is confusing.

That said, the brand has been all over the Internet today for their upcoming model ie the Freedom 251 Smartphone, that would be priced below Rs 500. The question is not about the specifications or the features, but about the guarantee of getting the device. What if you get scammed with this new brand?

Bell Freedom 251 Invite

I would recommend everyone to just wait for a few days and see if someone actually gets the device in their hands and then take action or spend their hard earned money on this new brand that has a website Url name as “BELL” while the name on the site mentions “Ringing Bells”. No listing of their products on any well known e-commerce sites nor the PR is someone whom we recall, they are new in the industry.

Some might even say that it is a hoax, as it’s not possible to sell a handset at mere Rs 251. It might have been made possible by tieing up with the government since the handset would be launched in the presence of Honorable Member of Parliament, Dr Mulri Manohar Joshi and Honorable Union Minister of Defence, Shri Manohar Parrikar. But we would still advise you to beware of the fact that this company has been earlier in question about not delivering the Smart 101 handset that was launched at Rs 3000.

Ringing Bells Smartphone Compliants

Above you can see some complaints posted by users about not receiving the handset even after payment. It would be better to opt for “Cash on Delivery” service and pay after getting the device in your hands. Just don’t jump on the bandwagon yet that’s what we would recommend for now since there’s no way to know whether the same company that couldn’t deliver its promise earlier would provide it now for such dirt cheap price. This just rings a few caution bells and alerts me to stay away. This is my advice to everyone who is jumping to throw their cash on the hot phone of the recent times.

Update: We have received an invite from the Company for the launch event that’s happening tomorrow in India in New Delhi. Read more here Ringing Bell to Launch Freedom 251 Smartphone at just Rs 500 / $7 in India


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