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Few Android Oreo Users Are Reporting About Bluetooth Connectivity Issues



Just like every year, Google has now announced a new version of Android called Android 8.0 Oreo. Well, not sure about the other devices, but this version is already available for the Pixel smartphones as well as the Nexus devices out there. And just like all the other version of Androids, the company did release this final version after a ton of testing and a lot of betas releases, however, even this version of Android has a few bugs and one of them is the Bluetooth connectivity issue.

In case you remember, this is something that even a lot of Nougat users had reported back in the day. Well, it looks like the issue is still here to haunt the Android Oreo users, which is not really a good news. A few users took this issue to Google’s forum and it looks there a few different types of issues. A few users have reported about the audio cutting out every 15-20 seconds while playing via Bluetooth, whereas, others have reported that Bluetooth is getting disconnected and it won’t connect back up again unless the smartphone is rebooted.

Another to thing to note here is the fact that most of these issues seem to center around Android Auto. Apparently, four main problems like the music being played before breaking, outgoing calls using the phone’s speakers instead of cars speakers, media content displayed incorrectly and audio not playing properly over Bluetooth, etc are all circulating around Android Auto. In fact, a few users have reported that these issues were present from the very first developer preview of Android Oreo. It is indeed quite surprising to see that Google has not fixed them all this while. However, now, it looks like the company is listening.

Google asks the users to report these known issues to them so that they can patch things up and push an update as soon as possible. The company has also asked other details such as model of the car, model of the headphones used, Bluetooth speaker brand, etc. You can head over to the source link to learn more about the same. With all that being said, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Are you using Android Oreo and if yes, then are you facing any of these issues? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.

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