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Microsoft Pix Camera App with AI improves Photos on your iPhone automatically



We already have a handful of applications developed by Microsoft by both iOS and Android. While we have only seen a lot of utility applications from the Microsoft team, we now have something new for the iPhone users in store. Yes, this time, Microsoft launched a new camera app for iPhone users. This is something unusual from the company and they have decided to launch it first to iOS users.

The application is named as Microsoft Pix, and according to them, it is a “smarter camera app”, which might indirectly imply that the this is better than what the iOS users already have. This application uses some artificial intelligence improve photos by adjusting some of the stock camera settings. This will automatically enhance your pictures and selects the best settings and the best shot for you.

Microsoft claims that it has also added automatic enhancements that will improve focus, color, and even exposure etc. if it manages to detect people in the images. The app also gives a quick comparison option between the old images and the new enhanced version. This option can be toggled with a button. Also, the company adds its own version of Apple’s live photos, which essentially creates a live image. This just stitches all the burst shots together creating a looping video.

The application is already available to download from the AppStore for your iPhone. While the iOS stock camera application is already good enough, this is a brave move from Microsoft and we hope people download and give it a shot for what it’s worth. Also, this application may or may not see the light of the day for Android ecosystem since the company has not announced anything for the same. Stay tuned for more information on this as we will update the article once we get some feedback for this application as well as any information on its availability on Android.


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