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Amulyte – A $99 Pendant for Seniors Alerts Contacts in Emergency



Amulyte Pendant

If you have been in the need of a convenient wearable that can acts as an emergency response system, then, the Amulyte pendant is for you. A device specifically designed for the same purpose, which will inform all the selected family members or caregivers that you are in danger or need of them.

It does that by simply sending a text message containing your location to others, as it will let them know what is happening with you right now. You just need to press the help button on the Amulyte pendant that will instantly connect to your loved ones. It also allows you to talk to your loved ones when you are need of them, as the device features a speaker and a microphone to talk back.

Amulyte Pendant

The device is specifically designed keeping in mind the safety of the senior citizens as they often require help and would need the assistance in doing some tasks too. With giving peace of mind to the caretakers and loved ones, you can be much less worried about your seniors.

Amulyte Portal will connect you with your family members and caregivers as it contains the important information like, the battery life, location, activity level, and the emergency contacts are stored here. Family members can easily control the frequency of updates they receive over the period. As well as they can set the alerts preferences, and specify who should get the updates and control the privacy settings too.

It boasts the functionality to track the activities, intensity level, as well as other useful information regarding the wearer’s. It also touts the ability to easily analyze the data gathered by the wearable tech, which will help in identifying the patterns and get notified when things change around you.

It is available for pre-order at discounted price of $99 in two colors, Pearl and Moondust. Later the device will be retailing at a price tag of $149. The device comes with the basic $29 a month service fee, which include the services like Nationwide Cell Coverage, Locate via App & Computer, Unlimited SMS & Email Alerts, and Low Battery Alert. It will be a mere cost relative to the safety and prevention it can provide as there is nothing important to the people than the safety of their loved ones.

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