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Meet Cash Smartwatch Your Personal Expense Monitor with Budget App



Cash Smartwatch By Nicole Lapin

While big organizations like Samsung, LG, and Motorola are clearly betting on the smartwatch market, having to provide the watches based on the Google’s Android Wear operating system. It was clear that the wearable offering from these firms are currently focused on providing a Smart Watch with on-the-go functionalities for notifications, alerts, navigation, fitness activities, etc.

But had anyone thought of introducing a budget management feature on it? Well, currently there is no specifically designed app available on Android Wear for now. Though, a full-fledged financial activity based Smartwatch is coming in October this year.

The device goes by name, Cash Smartwatch, as the name states its purpose; the device is specifically designed to let you manage the budget expenses. As it tells you to cool down when you are exceeding your monthly budget cut by spending too much on unnecessary things.

Cash Smartwatch By Nicole Lapin

It is designed by the well-known financial expert and a former correspondent for networks such as MSNBC and Today, and was one of the youngest CNN and CNBC anchors to host her show. With her expertise, she makes finance language easily-to-understand, making people manage their finances with the unique budget tips. Now Nicole has come up with this finance focused Smartwatch, which is a fashionable gadget that can guide you to manage your monthly budgets efficiently.

Though, the Smartwatch is aimed towards the targeted audience of young women from ages 18 to 34, the watch can be used by men as it also comes with various straps options suiting more masculine style. It is not exactly the usual smartwatch, which mostly features the notification alerts, as well as the apps integration and functionality like it does in the Android Wear Smartwatches. Whereas Cash Smartwatch touts its budget minded features, as the watch and its corresponding app sets a different style and tone.

Instead of just managing your budget out of the available financial apps on the market, which are nearly dull in terms of interestingly putting up the budget terms. While Lapin has introduced the interesting terminology to make you understand and as those terms have humor in them. For Example, when you start spending too much, then you will get a message from watch, like “Take the damn bus”. It also encourages you with feedback based on your spending, like “Hell yeah, who’s a budgeting superstar?”

It works like this, every time you make a purchase, you need to tap the price into the interface and place it into a category (clothes, food, etc.). While in the back end, you have to setup your monthly allowance, and then, Lapin will recommend you how much free spending money you are allowed during the period. And whenever you get over budget or close to that line, the watch will let you know right away on the screen. The green line denotes how much spending you have left for a month, which is clubbed under different categories. While the red line denotes how much you have already spent out of your monthly expenses.

The Cash Smartwatch is set to go on sale via the official website of the product, starting next Wednesday from October 1. It will also available to purchase via HSN (Home Shopping Network) later that month.

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