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Muse is a Head Band to Relax your Mind



Muse Head Band

Right now there are many wearable techs coming to market and some has already established their presence. Most of those devices are used to track your activities or rather help you in achieving some kind of goal. But you would not have thought about a wearable device that will relax your brain from all the unnecessary activities/thinking as there is lot of stress in the world. And people needs calmness to achieve peace of mind, for at least few times in an interval.

There comes a dedicated head band, which is specially designed for brain sensing. Its aim is to keep you relaxed while giving your brain room to focus better, improve cognitive functions and ultimately settle your mind. It can be the ultimate fitness tool, developed by a Toronto-based company called InteraXon.

Muse Head Band

The device works with a companion app, aptly called Calm. Company’s aim behind this product was to deliver a tool that will allow brain to work at its best intellectual when it doesn’t have to deal with negative emotions. It is said to make you productive as well as efficient too.

It boasts total of seven sensors that allows it to understand the brain activities in detail. The five sensors are present on the forehead part of the device, while remaining two sensors are placed on the rubbers behind the ears. The head band is made comfortable to wear as well as stylish enough to not look weird wearing in public places. It also touts the flexibility and the light weight design.

The sensors collectively determine the brain activities and measures various kind of brain waves. It then converts them into data, which gets charted through the companion app. Well if you are wondering whether it can read your mind or not, we would like to inform you that it doesn’t. Nor you would be able to control a mouse cursor via this device.

The device lacks speaker as well as it doesn’t have ear buds to play the Calm app session, during which a soothing music will be played while a female or male voice will instruct you. You need to calibrate the device each time you open a Calm app session, as the real time brain activity is required to get accurate snapshot of what’s happening inside your head. A single session can last up to 20 minutes allow you to relax and boast up your mind power.

The Muse Calm app is available on both iOS as well as Android devices. The app will handle all the brain data, while it will also throw few facts related to the brain activities.

The device was first come into light when its Indiegogo campaign got successfully funded in the late 2012.Coming to today, the device is available for sale and will cost you $299 if you are looking to increase your brain power. Together with the device and Calm app, it is a great combination, though, an expensive product, considering its abilities.

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