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Amazon’s discounted Moto G4 Prime & Blu R1 HD get Hacked, ads removed from Lockscreen



Amazon Prime members get a lot of exclusive discounts and other offers as compared to regular users. So hence that itself becomes one of the reasons why people should be signing up for the Prime membership. Also, the Amazon Prime services are now available in India as well. On the same lines, Amazon recently introduced two subsidized smartphones for Prime members. The Moto G4 Prime Exclusive and Blu R1 HD Prime Exclusive are being sold at a discounted price.

But there’s more to it than just a discount. These smartphones are mid-ranged affordable smartphones with a not so expensive price tag. So when the company is giving such a good deal, then there should be a reason for the same. Well the catch here is, these subsidized smartphones will display ads on the lock screen as well as notification tray. That is not necessarily a bad thing since ads can be useful sometimes unless they start annoying the users by pop-ups etc.

And now apparently, these subsidized smartphones have been hacked. This means users can now buy these smartphones for a lower price under this deal and root them and install any other custom recovery etc. and use them as a regular smartphone. The Moto G4 was the first one to get hacked, and the users were able to root it. Now the Blu R1 HD, also got hacked, and it can also be rooted completely, and a custom recovery can be installed.

If you own the Prime Blu R1 HD, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps and root your device –

  • Download the file which you will be flashing along with the included recovery.
  • Extract the contents of the Zip file and copy them to the same directory to make them work.
  • Switch off your device and plug it into a PC.
  • To flash with SP Flash Tools, simply open the tool, load the scatter file you got from the zip.
  • Make sure flashing is set to download only and then click download.
  • If your device is off and is plugged into the PC, then it should start flashing.
  • After the first boot, mount the system as READ only, and make a backup of your device.
  • Make sure to back up all partitions, data and cache as well. Do not flash anything until you have made a backup of these partitions.
  • Copy this backup to your PC, then mount system read-write in the Mounts menu and flash the SuperSU recovery zip.
  • Reboot immediately after flashing. Don’t panic if it goes into a boot loop once or twice. Once it is done with that, you will boot with the root access.

That’s it; you are ready to go. Now from here on, you can install any custom ROM if you want and use it without any issues. Let us know if this worked for you and stay tuned for more tutorials like these.


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