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Finally the iPhone 7 has been Jailbroken by an Italian Developer



Once a new iPhone is launched in the market every year, the first thing that many users actually look out for is whether a jailbreak is out or not. And same was the case with the iPhone 7 as well. But it looks like the wait is over. Yes, the iPhone 7 jailbreak has been successfully achieved by Italian developer, hacker and security researcher. Luca is already known for showing off private jailbreaks and now has once again decided to show off his skills.

He posted a photo of an iPhone 7 with iOS installed and running Cydia. This makes him the first person to showcase a functioning jailbreak on Apple‘s new iPhone 7 devices. He also happened to be the one who showed off his a jailbroken iPad running iOS 10. Yet again, he decided to tweet a screenshot with the tagline ‘obligatory Cydia screenshot’. The screenshot shows as ‘Cydia 1.1.26 (en-us).’ And the device displayed is a matte black iPhone 7, in case you are wondering.

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However, many people are suggesting that this could be a photoshopped image. Well, that is very much possible as it is easy to achieve it by some tweaks in Photoshop. So many are still waiting for a detailed video showing it running on an iPhone 7 and also for a demonstration of the installation procedure as well. But, given the guy’s history and proven skill set, we can be certain that he pretty much nailed it this time as well. Also, do make a note that never releases the jailbreak or the method to the public.


He has consistently proven that he is capable of finding vulnerabilities in iOS platform. But just performs these as a part of his research into mobile security and has no intentions of releasing anything to the wider community. However, knowing just the fact that a jailbreak is possible will get all the enthusiasts excited for it. So it’s just a matter of time that jailbreak teams will work something out and come up with a working method. Hence stay tuned for more detailed info in the future.


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